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GREAT start for France!

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Anyone interested in buying a Waou (that's the posh one..) Club Med Gym membership valid for up till Nov07?? Gives access to all standard & the Waou gyms in the Paris area. Have moved jobs down to Monaco & am lumbered with the remaining months (insurance won't cover a voluntary change of location!!). Apparently can be transferred without too much ado. Paid 1080 euros originally, so would accept any reasonable offer. Contact me on glen_burridge@hotmail.com or 06 63 49 09 57 Cheers

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Need some for my son - any suggestions of good outlets for golfing equipment

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I am wondering if anyone knows where I could take my son for tennis lessons. He has never played and is 8 years old. I live in the 5th and would like to start him as soon as possible. Any info please feel free to contact me. 06 27 36 20 53

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Anyone know of a clear cohesive piece of info on this HUGE event for next year, most of the sites I have found are long on betting details and odds and very short on good, solid info?

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URGENT, FOR SALE- 2 TICKETS FOOTBALL MATCH FRANCE-ARGENTINIA 7/02/2007 Will be held at the Stade de France. For more info, Please contact: carolinanlkung@hotmail.com. Mobile Phone: +33 (0)6 203 25 873 Caroline Kung URGENT - A VENDRE 2 billets pour le match France-Argentine le 7 février 2007 au Stade de France Pour plus d'infos, contacter carolinanlkung@hotmail.com Mobile Phone: +33 (0)6 203 25 873 Caroline Küng

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You know how the French have their "lessons des choses" well Serena Williams annihilating Sharapova was a lesson in courage - probably the best game of tennis I have ever seen!

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We are looking into setting up a virtual triathlon club for english-speaking athletes of all levels living anywhere in France who are interested in participating in triathlons, swim races, bike events and running races. The advantage of a triathlon club is that its licence is recognised by the swimming, biking and running federations and will therefore appeal to multi-sport athletes and single discipline athletes alike. If you are interested in finding out more please contact expatriates@free.fr

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I have recently moved to Paris and am looking for a (mens or mixed) field hockey team to play for. Does anyone know of any?

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Are there such wonder beings in Paris?

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Any suggestions?

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Dear all, new to the site and to Paris. Can anyone tell me where to find yoga classes in English - at least until I can understand how to understand the instructions in French.

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I would like to join a Golf Club in the Western suburbs, any suggestions?

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Hi Does anyone know if Decathlon have a Mega store like the Ikea does? Thanks

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I want to start a sweepstake on the number of Derry people turn up for the match - local stadium has a capacity of 3000 but I reckon 10,000 at least.

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Hello. I am looking for another woman who may be interested in meeting up for a run 1-3 times per week in the Meudon area. Runs of 45 min. to an hour. I usually run around the parc de l'observatoire.

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Fantastic, third straight victory for Europe - and what a tremendous support the Irish crowd were!

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WHAT a match go boks go - great game great victory!!! 

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Hi, I'm a German football fan and I did almost everything to find a bar or bistro or whatever in Paris that shows the games of the German football ligue (Bundesliga). Unfortunaltely, the season already started and I missed everything... It would be great if anyone on here would tell me where to find a German bar or a place where I can see German television! Thanks in advance! Cheers, Jochen

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If you have any contacts of people who own, run, lease pitches in Ile de France - Paris Gaels are in desperate need of pitch for tournament on 9th September as normal grounds have refused to cooperate. Contact anyone on committee through website please. http://www.parisgaa.org/  

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