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Hi Does anyone know a good site to register for the Paris Marathon 2007.  I was to late last year on registering and I was wanting to know the earliest that I could apply. Thanks

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Fabulous stuff! Well done France thus far, lots of good stuff ahead!

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Is SA ever going to win?

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To be launched tomorrow, pitch is at the Apremont Polo Club http://www.poloclubchantilly.com/ Th game starts at 4p.m. Family event, all welcome!!!

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Not sure if this should go in the sport section..... Can anyone advise me about whether it is necessary to buy the fancy sets or are the 'tesco stripey' brands balls just as good. What are the pros and cons to both?  Cheers!

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I love watching athletics live and judging by the HUGE crowd at the Stade de France, I am not alone. The times and perfomances are already spectacular - what a season lies before us!!!

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The atmosphere accross France on Saturday night was something very special, and something so different to what we all lived through last autumn. For a change almost everyone was French, racial differences were forgotton, if France lose tonight will it all revert to how it was before, the old tensions and hatred returning. Over the last few week I have heard numerous people saying that the world cup is all hype etc etc, but this really is a 'feel good' time for everyone living in France, the summer is here, the team are doing well, and just imagine if the team go on and win it....fete national will last all week!!  

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Will it be Zidane for King???

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Sailing you can really watch on the telly - nailbiting stuff! PS SA may not be able to play ruggers anymore, but have you seen them sail? Hail Shosholoza!!!

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I was invited to a wonderful lunch yesterday, at the racecourse at Auteuil, hard to believe that there is a hippodrome right there, right in Paris. Highly recommended way of spending a really entertaining afternoon.

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GREAT match, what has happened to the Boks though? Even their under 21 side got beaten by France, on the same day - by the way!

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Where can you see all the world cup matches - I assumed they would be on French National TV and have a very upset boyfriend sitting at home with long face!  Cannot risk same thing for England match tomorrow!  

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Looking for something great and new to do with the kids? Sherwood Parc in Seugy, only 300m from the station of Seugy; you take the Luzarches train from the Gare du Nord. Brand new, well laid out, death-defying jumps and loooong tyrroleans. And Fabien speak perfect English! Take a picnic and make a day of it, really close to the Mont Griffon hotel too if you prefer. http://www.sherwoodparc.com/

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does anyone know if there is a Bickrim yoga studio in Paris, if so where?? PEACE & LOVE !!!

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After years of inactivity and injury I'm trying to get back in shape but am reluctant to join the main-stream clubs in paris as I'm not sure that they have the expertise to deal with people with injuries/weaknesses etc. Would anyone be able to recommend a club/gym either in Paris or the western suburbs which is good.   thanks

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Anyone know of a reliabel source of info re the weather in the Ile de France, supposed to be camping, and looks pretty bleak from my office window?!?

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Have injured myself and cannot train on my usual tarred surfaces, need a gym, pref with an indoor pool, somewhere with a resident kine would be really good - any recommendations?

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Where is polo played in the Ile de France?

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Great competition on in chantilly, national competition, take a picnic out there and catch some of the sunshine.

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Half time; are the French going to stay in the lead and win this one?? Nail-biting.

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