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Well, there we are the flame is lit! Two weeks of GREAT sport before us...enjoy!

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Not only Brian Joubert who was a disappointment. I wonder whether they should not have fewer competitions ahead of the Olympics, have never seen such tired looking skaters and such tired-looking routines. A real dissapointment....

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YES!!!! Vive la France...

started by: dave-72400 · last update: 1139919933 · posted: 1139155115

Never mind next week's game, it is France vs Scotland NOW!!!

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Can anyone advise which local resort is best for beginners locally, my wife , daughters and I ski, but son (who wishes to be uber kool ) insists on boarding. He is holding his own but finds drag lifts difficult. We have only so far visited Valberg which is charming but a little small. Someone recommended Limone, but not sure how suitable it is for boarders. Any advice?

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Does anyone know of a shop selling golfing equipment in the 95?

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Where do I find out whether the ice rink in (on!) the Eiffel Tower is still open?

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Bookings have opened for this event. Tickets are available either: By filling in an order form at any "Société Générale" Bank; Clicking here; or by calling: 0892691507. The sale of tickets for the handicapped will begin in April, at the same points of sale. Probably need to get in there quickly, esp. as a lot of matches take place away from Paris!  

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Hi I took my sons to the world cup in france and would like to take them to germany.........i will pay over the odds for any tickets, particularly England.....can anyone help Thanks juxtapose

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Just to let you all know that although the entires to the Paris marathon have closed, the semi marathon is still open. It takes place the 5th of March 2006. Here is the link to enter: http://www.parismarathon.com/semi/2006/us/index.html

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Are there any sport events that happen during the last week of Dec., 1st of January in Paris?

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After last weekends rugby any one ready to venture an outcome on saturdays France vs SA game? Does anyone know of a good pub or restaurant close to Stade de France?

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Will I be able to watch the Fr/SA game live on the net?

started by: samanthaII · last update: 1132748552 · posted: 1132671930

Four tickets, at 35€ each are available, contact me urgently! Go Boks Go

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Anyone know as to where I can find a shotgun clay pigeon club around Paris to join?  

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I'm interested in living part time outside of Paris and keeping a horse. Where are the best areas for being in a horsey community with stables, hacking and perhaps stag hunting ?

started by: LittleD-72298 · last update: 1129741624 · posted: 1129741624

Where in south Paris (14th possibly)? Many thanks, :-)

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I am looking for 4 tickets to this match, please contact me if you have any at all to sell.

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Hi! Congratulations to your new website, I wish you long life and a lot of success. Do you know if there is a Polo Club near Paris where I could practise my favourite sport ? Thanks a lot , Burny from Montmorency (95)  

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