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On their new Wimbledon champs!

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http://paris.angloinfo.com/whatson/featured/25675/a-bike-ride-to-raise-money-for-cancer-research-and-aphasia This fundraising ride that is raising money for cancer aphasia research starts this Saturday from the Chateau of chantilly - be there at 8:O0 a.m. to see the brave riders off!

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What was that about? Saw a whole bunch of people on bikes in Paris on Sunday - all dressed up in a retro sort of style - looked like huge fun; anyone know more?

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Or Rolly G (!) there is a great viewing area with giant screen, comfy chairs, hammocks, palm trees et al in front of the Hotel de Ville; there is even a clay court (which seems to be able to be used by aynone, not quite sure how you book same...) and a practice wall.

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http://www.lafriquedanstouslessens.com/ateliers/ This Saturday and free!

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know it is on, but do not where and when - anyone else who does know what cuts?

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Looking for a 'fitness partner' - not even sure that this terminology exists, but whatever, you see what I mean. I'm just hit the big 30 and have decided to attempt to look after myself - my body is pleased with the idea, myself I'm not so sure....but at least writing this online makes myself seem serious about it all. Ideally looking for a male fitness partner of a similar fitness level and who is serious about improving their fitness.  I would not object to a female partner either.  I would rate my own fitness level as average, not more and not less. As an example I can run a 10k comfortable at 55mins.  A 10k PB was around 45mins. The main purpose of a partner is for MOTIVATION.  I tend to start and finish fitness regimes periodically but I have never really had a consistent routine and I feel that is what I lack.  I would want to set aside 2 evenings per week (same days each week) to begin with and regardless of circumstances (within reason!), we stick to that rigidly. I am not targeting anything but I just want a visible difference in my physic through hard and honest training.  I want it to also remain fun but challenging.  I would propose a range of sports / activities to keep it interesting.  Typically running, swimming (weak point for me) & cross-fit type activities (press-ups, sit-ups, star jumps, squats). I would also eventually like to integrate light weights / kettle bell swings. As partners we would encourage each other – ideally on the day when I really can’t be bothered my partner will be super motivated and vice-a-versa.  We would time each other for some activities and record keep for ourselves to see improvement… etc etc etc….basically without talking more, I see a huge advantage to having a partner.

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What a terrible waste of what could have been a fun event last night - a few hooligans spoiled the (would be) party for everyone

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May's public holidays are such a treat!

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traveling or living in Paris and fancy a workout join me at  suzanne lenglen on the 21 of march at the running track! time still to be confirmed more info on my twitter @benhouri contact me if you're coming!  

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Hi Everyone,   Does anyone know where I could rent road bikes or racers for long distance cycling? Ideally for different periods from a day to a week. I do this in Ireland but have not come across it here in Paris it just seems to be heavy mountain bikes.   Also if anyone has one for sale please let me know.   Thanks Alice

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Hi, I will spend a month in Paris this summer (19th of June - 20th of July) and I would like to sign up for a dance course during this period. Does anyone have any recommendations on dance schools in central Paris that teach jazz, show or street dance (preferably with English speaking teachers)? I appreciate your help. Please e-mail me at yasmiin_t@hotmail.comThank you in advance!

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Good stuff! Wynand Claassen's son is going to play for France in the England/France game: http://varsitycup.co.za/16-my-team/tuks/5909-a-claassen-of-his-own?fb_action_ids=10151423791868960&fb_action_types=og.likes&fb_source=other_multiline&action_object_map=%7B%2210151423791868960%22%3A431387826937507%7D&action_type_map=%7B%2210151423791868960%22%3A%22og.likes%22%7D&action_ref_map=%5B%5D

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This time?

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If you are looking for a room or a house share and take you fitness journey seriously ATHLETE FLATSHARING is for you. For professional level athlete to the average Joe. Because NO athlete wants to be waken up at 5.30 by a drunken flat mate when you have to do 6am cardio. Drop your advert or research to find your ideal future gym or healthy cooking partner.   http://www.facebook.com/AthleteFlatShare  

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I am trying to contact some women's football clubs in the Paris area to organise friendly matches. I live in Deux Sevrés. I could do with email addresses at least as a starting point. Hope someone out there can help?

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Hi, Im 17 years old and an english speaker and i dont speak that much french and im looking to start horseriding lessons in paris since im now living here. I live in Neuilly near the bios de bologne and I dont really want to travel too far to take the lessons. Does anyone know a good place for me to start taking lessons (preferably in english)?

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I will be moving to Paris in a couple of months and I am looking for a gym where I can do powerlifting and bodybuilding type of workouts. I do powerlifting workouts twice a week and bodybuilding, shaping workouts four times a week, so I need a gym with a well stocked amount of free weights. I have looked on line but all I can find are what could best be described as fancy, shmancy fitness centers, i.e. mostly machines with a few free weights, a sauna and a pool. I do not mind going across the city to the gym, the equipment it has, lots of free weights, is the most important thing. I do not need a pool, a sauna or a restaurant, just a hardcore workout gym. I know that there are powerlifters and bodybulders in Paris. Where do they workout?

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Thought I would post to say that we have eventually, after nearly 2 years, lots of paperwork, visits and telephone calls...managed to register our old English caravan in France!! I had read a lot of information to say that it wasn't possible, door on the wrong side, gas system no good, electrics need to be changed etc etc, but having made very few changes to our caravan we have managed to register it. It has been a long process and at times incredibly frustrating as well as a little pricey. I have no doubt that the process is significantly easier with a newer caravan (ours is 18 years old!). We are now looking forward to a summer of exploring.

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