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It is the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe this weekend - this Sunday to be precise at Longchamps.

started by: Jan-72620 · last update: 1347349056 · posted: 1347023602

Is there anywhere near to Paris where I could canoe this weekend?

started by: barrys-72709 · last update: 1346252770 · posted: 1316443296

Had a great day out at the SAC yesterday, Imperius Asset Management put on a great event over the weekend. The home team (Standard Athletics Club) won over the Juveniles CC; with the British Embassy side being the runners up. Rumour has it that this is to be an annual event, really looking forward to the 2012 edition.

started by: richform · last update: 1345648780 · posted: 1345515785

Any insights about courses within 50km that are both good and reasonable would be appreciated. I plan to be in Paris from 16 September through the end of November and would love to know where are the closest and most reasonable courses that admit members of the public. English speaking would be an advantage, but is not entirely necessary. Have car; will travel.richard

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The French athletes will arrive back in Paris at the Gare du Nord at about 17:00; this will be followed by a parade down the Champs Elysées ending at the Place de Concorde - a great way to end a great Games!

started by: jellybean-82437 · last update: 1343756123 · posted: 1343728796

This looks SO cool, the French seem to have got it just right a fun place to be and to watch the Games in the day a celebration/nightclub in the evening - where to get more info re access?

started by: julia-72705 · last update: 1343408225 · posted: 1343408168

I will be in front of the telly - BBC of course... :-)

started by: sam-72243 · last update: 1343313027 · posted: 1343313027

Giant screen up at the bit of the "plage" that is in front of the Hotel de Ville - super place to work on your tan, watch the Olympics and hang out.There is a special opening evening tomorrow - starts at 18:30 with the projection of a movie about the French handi-sport basketball team; this is followed by a BMX performance and the projection of photographs taken by the official photographer of the French Taekwondo team. The broadcast of the opening ceremony is set to start at 21:00 - and to end at about midnight: http://ukinfrance.fco.gov.uk/fr/about-us/evenements/olympic-opening-paris-fr

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Be on the Champs Elysées on the weekend to find out!

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As part of the build-up to the London Olympic games the MCC is sending a team to play France in 2012.The game will be hotly contested – in a previous encounter (1989) the MCC unexpectedly lost to a French team - despite the MCC team including two former test players and 7 county players.Though the actual cricket will be a serious contest, every effort will be made to mirror the turn-of-century ambiance of the original 1900 matchDon't miss:France cricket vs MCCSaturday 16 June 2012At the Chateau de Thoiry For more information : http://francecricket.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/PRESS-BOOK-FRANCE-V-MCC-2012-English.pdf

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I'm moving to Paris for a year of internships beginning in July, and need to find out how to get some exercise. In the US, I play a lot of tennis, but it seems like here you have to join a club, is that true? I'd love any suggestions people may have, or am up for just hitting sometime if you like. I'm a 4.0-4.5 USTA player, btw.Also, if you can recommend a gym to use in Paris, would be helpful. My meager intern's salary prohibits anything very expensive, but just not sure where to look. Thanks.Aaron

started by: dave-72400 · last update: 1339165040 · posted: 1339165040

http://www.paris.fr/accueil/accueil-paris-fr/roland-garros-le-tennis-en-fete/rub_1_actu_115220_port_24329 Great stuff - watch the action for free on a giant screen in the middle of Paris!

started by: melwyn · last update: 1339164031 · posted: 1270734973

If anyone is interested in playing football over the weekends during Spring and Summer .... I am not looking for pro level or club football but something amateur. If we can manage to find i don't know how many say 10 , if you pull some of your friends would be great.. People of ages are welcome . I am 27 and haven't played since 5 years so anyone out there who hasn't touched the ball since ages feel free to play ;) Just looking to have fun over the weekends and if you watch football i support Manchester United .... probably could catch up games next season with rivals or supporters since this season is almost coming to an end. If interested we could figure out which park and where .. leave a reply or email at melwyn.s@gmail.com

started by: Celiafs · last update: 1338233390 · posted: 1338233390

Ive just moved from Australia and im looking for a leisurely volleyball team to join in or around paris??? I've seen some competetive teams but dont seem to have any luck finding more social teams so it looks like i may have to start one!

started by: Brett9999 · last update: 1332273822 · posted: 1331074685

Hi All.Can anyone recommend a cheap boxing gym to just workout with the heavy bag, speed bag, jump rope and occasionally work with a trainer...light. I'm near the 16th district, so would like to find one nearby and for a month to month contract.Thanks for any help.Cheers

started by: golfer90 · last update: 1331719978 · posted: 1331501128

Bonjour,I'm from Ireland and doing a little research on the style of courses French golfers may have a preference to? And any other factors that influence choice of course.Merci beaucoup.

started by: frossrussell · last update: 1328859137 · posted: 1328814624

Hi. I am a 14 year old looking for football in and around the central Paris area. I was wondering if anybody knew a team that did a weekly game or something like that.

started by: rail · last update: 1325613516 · posted: 1325599091

Well - according to the news - they are not coming to Paris anymore :-( Let's see what tomorrow holds...

started by: osecy-91449 · last update: 1322498693 · posted: 1322164556

I live in SW France but want to take my wife to Paris for a few days in chambre d'hote. Somewhere very quiet, in an older part of the city but central.

started by: peter-72241 · last update: 1321613699 · posted: 1321603348

http://www.rmngp.fr/Game-Story/ Want to show the kids what our version of the X box is/was? Don't miss this expo on until the 9/1/12.

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