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http://www.rmngp.fr/Game-Story/ Want to show the kids what our version of the X box is/was? Don't miss this expo on until the 9/1/12.

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Hello everyone!I was hoping to get some advice for the best family and expat friendly ski slopes not too far from Paris for a quick weekend trip. Nothing too fancy or expensive-ideally just easy enough for beginners to handle (me and the kids!) but challenging enough for others in the family (hubby), no crazy see or be seen apres ski atmosphere needed (Chamonix?) just a relaxed, fun and nearby resort (that last drive to Germany almost killed me) would be great!Any advice from my Expat forum friends would be very much appreciated! : )Kiki

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Rumour has it that he and Posh will be here as of January...

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Hello,Just arrived from the US and looking for a nice game of football (...soccer...). I used to play weekly and would love to find a place to keep playing... Anyone out there??????Yoni

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Any idea if anything special is planned in Paris to welcome back the French team?

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At the Quai Branly musuem on Sunday! http://www.evous.fr/spip.php?page=article&id_article=1170019%3Futm_source%3DMailHebdo&utm_medium=Arrd Free entry all day; haka expos, etc. and a gian screen to watch the match live - see you there!

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Less than one week to go! Does anyone know if any bars will be opening specially to show the games - some of them will be on pretty early in the morning so I am a bit doubtful! I know they will all be shown on French TV but I prefer watching in a bar as the atmosphere is much better. Thanks

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Hi - does anyone know if these are being shown on French TV? And if so, what channel/s? Many thanks. NS

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First Australian to win the Tour de France AND we beat the springboks in rugby yesterday - perfect sporting weekend!

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Trampoline for sale. 4.6 meters (15 feet) in diameter. 125 Euros. Ready to go today. My children have enjoyed this for 2 years. Better than a babysitter.

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outdoor ping-pong tables in Paris Hi, I could not find a list of places with public, outdoor ping-pong tables in Paris. I know there are tables near the Luxembourg park and near the Gare de Lyon. I thought there were a lot more tables in little corners of squares and minuscule parks in Paris? Was I wrong? How about in the suburbs? And just to confirm, what is the etiquette? Are you supposed to wait for as long as it takes if someone else is using the table? Thanks.

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Sky TV to film at Château de Thoiry as part of the Thoiry Cricket Club’s 20th Anniversary events Saturday 9th July to Monday 11th July 2011. The Cricket Club is situated in the Pré Angélique garden. During the weekend of 9th/10th July the Men’s team will play against the visiting “Juveniles” on Saturday 9th. Then, on Sunday 10th and on Monday 11th July, CTCC’s U11s will play in the inaugural Richard Woodall Cup competition against Maori Oxshott Cricket Club and Shrewsbury House School from Surrey. Admission to watch the matches is included in the Thoiry Park, Chateau & Garden Tickets. To find out more about Château de Thoiry Cricket Club, you can visit: www.thoirycc.com

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I am taking a very special lady from the Uk to Paris for her first ever visit to this city and am looking for recommendations for what to do to really impress her and make her first visit memorable. She is a real Romantic and is excited about going to Paris with me ( we have only recently met so it is an ideal date), we are in our forties. She plans to get the Eurostar from London and meet me at the Station (under the clock probably - lol!) We plan to spend an afternoon, an evening and then the next whole day in Paris and the only criteria so far is that she wants to visit Paris' most famous landmark , The Eiffel Tower.Now I thought maybe perhaps the Eiffel tower on the first afternoon and perhaps Montmartre and Sacre Coeur that evening ? I remember about 10 years ago going to a Restaurant in Montmartre called La Mère Catherine, and then sitting on the steps of Montmartre as the sun was going down with my now (ex) wife. That is all I know of Paris !So, I would love to hear your recommendations for ;-A nice hotel , affordable not too expensive, but not a back street dive either, and preferably near a metro station ! Where to take her ? ( she is just as happy walking, along in a nice area as she would be visiting any of Paris' attractions ) , so much to see in such a short time ! But as I don't know Paris where would you go for Romance and to get a taste of this exciting City ?A Restaurant recommedation for the first evening ! Romantic but typically Parisien please ! Any advice, help to make this special would be much appreciated and we plan to go in July !! Thank you in advance

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Everyone is invited to a pic-nic at Invalides on Saturday at 1pm, there's a facebook group where you can see all the details: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_218214728203668 Bring yourself, food, drink and a blanket.

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I'm looking for other similarly qualified players for weekday singles or doubles play at municipal courts in Paris, especially in the 17th arrondissement. Court fees are cheap (7.50 euro/hour) and I can make all reservations online. I enjoy playing tennis for fun & fitness. I'm not very proficient. Also, I speak very little French.

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I've read the articles on Angloinfo regarding registering a caravan in France, but wondering if anyone has any practical information. I live in Yvelines, near Aubergenville and am trying to register a 1995 Abbey caravan.I need to get a Certificate of Conformity from Alko (I think, as they are the chassis maker although the caravan is an Abbey). I am struggling to find contact details for Alko in order to request the certificate - any ideas?I will also need a local caravan repair centre to carry out the required alterations, gas pipes, lights etc and also to do a service - any recommendations?I would love to hear from anyone who has been through this process, especially with an older van. Feels like I am banging my head against a brick wall at the moment.

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Hello all! I've started up a new running group in Paris, Paris Fit, and we've just finished our first training season. More than 30 or our members have trained for and completed the recent Paris half-marathon and marathon. We are a marathon and half-marathon training group designed for runners of all abilities--from beginners to advanced. We are an English and French speaking group (and plenty of other languages as well!) welcoming people from different countries. Paris Fit is dedicated to creating an enjoyable, non-intimidating, and motivating training environment that allows each member to successfully accomplish their goal of 21k or 42k. You don't have to be a runner to join us--only a positive attitude is required. Anyone is welcome! A new official training season to prepare for the Paris half and full marathon in 2012 will begin in October. Until then, we are organizing various runs and training for other races. Come out and join us! Even if a marathon or half-marathon sounds a bit daunting, we start out small and let you get there at your own pace. Find more information on our website: www.parisfit.net or on our Facebook page. You can also join our group on Facebook or Meetup to interact with other members and get updates on upcoming events. If you have questions or comments, post them here or contact me at info@parisfit.net.

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Looking for a challenge (raise 1500€, walk 100 in just 30 hours???) Take a look here then: http://paris.angloinfo.com/information/wfdetail.asp?CCID=1549

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Just discovered this site and for what I have seen here so far, I'm pleased with the happy accident. Its also my last hope to find a pub or bar in Paris that would be showing it live. There's got to be some place out here that holds some love for this English game.

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GREAT weather spare a thought before picking every spring flower you see - bees and bumblebees are in need of their nectar after the rude winter we have had - always alarming to see Parisians leave the forests around Paris with carboots full of spring flowers.

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