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Hi I wonder if anyone can help. I have recently moved near Aubergenville from the UK and have brought my caravan with me. It is currently sat on my drive and I understand that I need to have it registered in france before I can use it over here? Does anyone know where I can get it registered?I am also looking for somewhere to store my caravan as it is very difficult to get it on or off the drive. Are there any caravan storage places nearby or does anyone have some land that they would let me store the caravan on for a fee?I am also looking for any caravan shops near Aubergenville?Many thanks...nice weather is making me want to get ready for some exploring!!

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Opens tomorrow in Paris; if you are dreaming of escaping to the country; want to watch sheepdogs at work, pat a cow or are just after a good few bottles of wine, this one is for you (great for the kids too) http://www.salon-agriculture.com/

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I moved to Paris two months ago and will be staying for 3-4 years. I used to play basketball 3 times a week in Melbourne - where I'm from and I really miss it. Does anyone know of a social basketball competition in Paris? Mixed or for women only. I'm an amateur but not a beginner. I live in the 17th but anywhere in Paris would be great. Thanks,Clarissa

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Apologies if this is a question that emerges every year, but can somebody please advise me on French TV coverage for the forthcoming 6 nations? Is it terrestrial or on Canal Sport? Are all the games shown, or just the France matches? Also, are there any particularly good bars in Paris where the games can be watched? Many thanks in advance ....

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SO we've finally got some time off to do a bit of skiing! We've planned to drive to Chamonix and stay 4 nights then drive down and spend 5 nights in Val d'Isere and Tignes. It's our first time to these resorts so any recommendations would be hugely appreciated - nothing too expensive mind you - we've spent most of our budget on accommodation and lift passesAny mountain restaurants, dinner venues, and good apres ski....Thank you for your help

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HiNeed your help and advice please. A very good friend of mine who is suffering from MND is planning to travel from Paris to London at the end of May via the cycle routes in order to raise awareness of this horrendous disease and to obtain funds for research into it. Jenny will be using her 'Tramper' (electric buggy) and will be accompanied by cyclists and several support cars en route.Is there anyone out there in the AI Parisian world who- can help us with information regarding detailed knowledge of the route itself, potential accommodation on the way and/or any other practical knowledge?- would like to join Jenny and the team?Please check out Jenny's website to learn more about her and MND and to see what she has already achieved www.jennygreenchallenge.orgJenny is based in 06. Thank you Paris!Jillon behalf of Jenny Green Challengeemail media@jennygreenchallenge.org

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As Music Director of the Scots Kirk Paris (the Scottish Church in Paris), I'm recruiting singers for an "occasional" choir to sing in services every now and then. This would not be a regular commitment but an occasional one, for the pure pleasure of making music. The Kirk congregation being too small to form a choir, I recruited from outside for the Remembrance Day service in mid-November and was amazed and encouraged by the result. The next event will be Nine Lesson and Carols, on 14th December. Rehearsals are on Saturday mornings at the Scots Kirk, starting now! A modicum of ability to read music would help. Contact me if you're tempted.

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Friends of mine took me out to the forests of Compiègne on Saturday to a mushroom "hunt" with a forester. Wonderful day out - one word of wisdom re wild mushrooms, don't pick anything unless you are an expert or with one...

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I would like to explore the Paris environs - valley walks, forest walks, river walks and would like some company. I am happy to navigate and explore new areas - does anyone have any experiences they could pass on, are there any existing walking groups (not just weekends), where are the best places to head for? Any responses appreciated!!

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Looking for ballet lessons (in English) for my 5 year old. Any ideas?

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See http://www.poloclubchantilly.com/ for details and directions

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I am a personal trainer from the states. MY question is, in paris is training in demand as much as its in the states.

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I have a free box and want to watch the Premier League and Champions League for the coming season. I have heard that getting to Canal through free is the best option. You can get packages with Canal + and/or Canal Sat, but do I need both?

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where to go - worried that all the lovely snow from the early season has gone - anyone been on the slopes in the alps lately?

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How much can I expect to pay per hour for ski lessons when I go on holiday to the Alpes later this month?

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Any suggestions for places to go to buy really cool ski gear?

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Now that the temperatures have dropped, our family was thinking of spending the weekend at the mountains.Where do Parisians typically go to ski? What/where is the closest resort?

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Hello all, I'm trying to bring the USA fit marathon training program to Paris and I'm on the lookout for head coaches and assistant coaches. Are you interested? Know anyone who would be interested? The USA Fit program recruits not only runners, but non-runners as well and prepares them for a race. I did it in 2004 and 2005. It was an unforgettable experience and great fun. I would need head coaches and assistants for various pace groups. I'm looking for running enthusiasts who have run a half-marathon or marathon and who are interested in sharing his or her experience and wisdom with others. Head coaches are needed for Saturday morning runs during the training season (6 months for a marathon) and would receive a small remuneration for your time. For more information on the program, check out the main website: http://www.usafit.com/benefits.shtml If you or someone you know is interested, please get in touch. I'd be interested to hear from you.

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Does anyone know if there is actual sound when the football is screened or is it only visual?? And would you recommend going?? Thanks Thalia

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Hello ! The PUC (Paris Université Club) is waiting for you ! We play on a new generation of artificial turf in Paris (75013) at the Stade of Charlety, very close to the Cité Universitaire. Our training sessions are twice a week (Monday and Wednesday at 8 pm) and games are Saturday afternoons. We are lucky to have lots of nationalities in our team and we love cultural exchange. Don't hesitate to contact us at (pucfoot@yahoo.fr) and to visit our website http://www.pucfoot.com/feminines.html. See you soon, Olivier

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