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If you did not get to Chantilly yesterday for the Prix de Diane; do so next year (second weekend of June) FANtastic fun and glamor! 20 minutes by train from the Gare du Nord; take a picnic or buy an elegant one on the spot; racecourse easy walk from Station

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The Pomme d'Eve will be screening all matches so if you want a Castle and biltong and football - see you there!

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I've been in Paris for a while and am looking to join or form a small group for chamber music (English speaking). I'm a 'cellist. Anyone interested in string quartets, piano trios or any pianists interested in playing sonatas out there? I'm in 15e. 75015

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Do public tennis courts exist in Paris? Looking for a place to play where we can pay for just a day, for example, not a long-term plan to join a club.

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Hi there, I am new in Paris and looking to join a Triathlon Club. Does anyone know if there are any around the 15th, or anywhere in Central Paris? Thanks H

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looking for a golf instructor in English.

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Hi, I would like to know if anyone knows of an informal jogging group - or even a personal trainer or just someone looking for some extra cash who is relatively fit who will go jogging with me at the weekends/evenings. I will pay per hour (price to be negotiated) to have someone who will go running with me and motivate and push me to my limits - like British Military Fitness style (if you know what that is back in the UK). I have never been a fan of gyms and loved running back in the UK, but have not been able to get into it in Paris. I have scanned through the adverts on this website for personal trainers, but its not what I am looking for exactly. If anyone has any ideas, that would be great.Regards,E

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Hi, I want to find a golf course in paris where has more foreigners, especially chinese (because I come from China). Me and my friends want to meet some chinese golfers in paris. Can anybody suggest some?

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Hello Friends;We are playing Cricket in cite university ground with little hard tennis ball since last three years.We would start the same this year from May onwards: We normally play on weekends .If anyone wish to join us please send me email to .thanks nareshchandrajoshi@gmail.com or you can call me at 0630266885

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I am englishman who loves football (like all men) and since the new season has begun I've got the urge to have a kick-about. Is there anyone out there (all nationalities welcome) who fancies joining me? Ideally I would like to get 10 people so that we can have a five-a-side game. I don't know where about we would play (as I'm sure we will come from all over in Paris) but it shouldn't be too hard to find somewhere. If you are interested let me know and we can arrange when (weekend is best) and where. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Hi,I run a team in the Pub league of Paris, which plays every Sunday on pitches near the Bois de Vincennes. Having had a big turnover of players recently, we are now in the midst fo a recruitment drive...was wondering if you'd like to join.Tell me a bit about you. What position do you play, what standard have you played to?We play at a decent standard, and we're looking for good, new, enthusiastic players who will work really hard for the team. We've finished the League 5th out of 10, but I want to be challenging for the title this time next year. The Cup season started yesterday and the Group stages and Knockouts run until the end of May so the season's not over yet.Give me an email back if you're interested, or if anyone else is, we're looking for up to 10 players really. Or give me a ring on 0686059944Thanks,Dom (Pure Malt FC)http://puremaltfc.weebly.com

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Where to go for a forest walk to pick these?

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Licences, seasons, etc. where to find info on same?

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after trying for 2 hours to get onto the stade de france site and being given site not available messages i now get on to find all tickets for the match are sold! amazing! did anyone get any and what is more does anyone have spare ones?

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Are you a keen netballer looking for a Paris-based team and a chance to get back into the game? Are interested in keeping fit, meeting new people, joining in socials and simply having a laugh? Are you just curious about what the hell netball is? Then join our team! Details can be found on our Facebook group or by emailing ruthhelme@gmail.com http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=310773893956 Looking forwards to seeing you there! Ruth

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Hi everyone,I would love to start playing netball again, I haven't played in years but I thought it would be a good way to meet new people (and keep me fit!)Does anyone know of a club in Paris?? Or if there are enough of us, perhaps we could have a friendly Angloinfo game?Ladybird

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Just arrived - where do we go to dance here in Paris? Any suggestions or recommendations?

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Hi,does anyone knows any good flight school in the Parisian area for some additional training?I am already a PPL pilot with some experience in multi engine airplanes.With good prices, pleaseeeee!

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Anyone know where I can do archery?

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Does anyone know of place in Paris to get my clubs re-gripped?

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