started by: elyned · last update: 1240849054 · posted: 1240576321

Looking for a golfing group that meets during the week.  Any ladies out there who fancy forming one if there isnt one already.

started by: wollow-80832 · last update: 1240838088 · posted: 1236549440

Hey guys, Itchy to play some soccer on grass fields, if not indoor or urban, just wondering if anyone knows of some casual games that run each week? Nothing too serious, i.e not club/competition. Thanks, Wollow.

started by: julie-72363 · last update: 1240577300 · posted: 1233598761

reasonable player - but there seem to be so many courses around Paris, advice from fellow golfers - and maybe meeting up for a round or two - would be much appreciated

started by: Giddy-up-girl · last update: 1239984432 · posted: 1239984432

In Chantilly, at the hippodrome (you can walk there from the station) on both Saturday and Sunday; free entrance

started by: domoshea · last update: 1239294642 · posted: 1239028478

Hi everyone. I run a site called www.osheasport.co.uk - am based in paris and this summer we are holding a Charity Day on June 20th. Theres events in Scotland, Wales, South Africa and of course here in Paris. One of the events is a Charity football game - where an XI of my choice, are going to play a Darren Tullett XI hopefully (he presents Match of ze Day - British footy on French tv) - so there should be a few familiar faces. What I was wondering is 1) If anyone knows the best place to get the game played, 2) If anyone would pay to play against the Celeb XI (obviously the money goes towards our total), and if so how much? 3) Of any bars that would be interested in holding a non-exclusive after-event party - I'm in talks with a few bars and got a couple of meetings soon, but not quite what I'm looking for so far. Any ideas are welcome, thanks Dominic

started by: Anders Sorensen · last update: 1238615665 · posted: 1237850299

HiI live in Paris and would like to start in a fitness club but they are all so expensive.If you know of a club that a normal person can afford please let me know, thanksBest regardsAnders Sorensen

started by: chapster24d · last update: 1237906412 · posted: 1237455509

Hi,Does anybody know of any ex-pat or other cricket that I could take part in later in the Summer?Thanks

started by: Madam Butterfly-80904 · last update: 1236879226 · posted: 1236775944

Hi, my daughter will be running in the Paris Marathon and, as a surprise, I would like to book her in for a body wrap and some pampering afterwards. It's on a Sunday so does anyone know a Spa they would recommend which would be open on a Sunday? Thanks.

started by: RachO · last update: 1235669472 · posted: 1222300056

I love to go swimming occasionally in the morning. I typically go to the public pool 'Aspirant Dunand' in the 14th. It's fine but I was just wondering if someone could recommend a nicer in Paris.

started by: dave-72400 · last update: 1235402731 · posted: 1235394018

This will be held on the 8/3/9 - registration is closed but a great event to watch - see here for more details: http://www.semideparis.com/2009/index_us.html

started by: blablabla-73615 · last update: 1234541619 · posted: 1234530405

Where to find a tennis court in central Paris (covered or otherwise)?

started by: chapster24d · last update: 1233065792 · posted: 1233051412

Hi ,Does anyone know where its possible to play 5 - a - side in ParisThanks

started by: esolparis · last update: 1231945991 · posted: 1231443922

Does anybody know of a fitness centre in Paris where you can find an elliptical, group classes, and weight training for under €50 / month?

started by: Candi-78463 · last update: 1231445648 · posted: 1227014600

On a cold fall/winter day, where is the best place (not touristy) to relax and enjoy a cup of hot cocoa and pastries and other tasty treats...?

started by: marksid · last update: 1231317888 · posted: 1231285541

Hi, I've been trying to find a kick boxing (boxing Francais?) club to join and train with 2-3 times per weeks in the evening, but no luck so far. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I'm living in Neuilly, so west side of Paris would be perfect. Thanks for your help, Mark Mark

started by: howardkj · last update: 1229941497 · posted: 1229791786

This is our first winter in Paris, we are interested in trying out skiing, but did not bring proper gear to plan a trip. We are looking for somewhere to rent coats, gloves, pants, boots, helmets, glasses, and skis. Is that possible? Thanks Kimberly

started by: Kerryinparis · last update: 1229352849 · posted: 1228987680

This is our first year in Paris and we are looking for a chateau (hopefully also with a restaurant) to spend 2 or 3 days over Christmas or New Year somewhere out of town (perhaps the Loire area?). We have looked at websites, but can anyone recommend somewhere they have stayed that might be suitable? We're happy to pay reasonable, but not over the top rates. Kerryinparis

started by: renonative · last update: 1229337468 · posted: 1229306941

Hello, I'm wondering if anyone knows a dance studio that offers Flamenco lessons in English here in Paris? Complete beginner but very excited to try! Thanks

started by: Tigger-77469 · last update: 1229293473 · posted: 1228516683

After a minimum amount of research, I have come to the conclusion that, either, there is not a 10 pin bowling alley in Paris, or, my total laziness has failed to unearth one. Would those of you who are far wiser and more knowledgeable than I, please correct me, or otherwise.Many thanks.

started by: Tootaloo · last update: 1228740109 · posted: 1227640742

the 5th annual 'Reve de Neige' will be held at the Stade de France from 20 to 31 December 2008. Has anyone attended a previous one? Is it worth going to?

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