started by: Claudi-78423 · last update: 1228415798 · posted: 1228239608

Is there an indoor ice skating ring in Paris??? Because the outdoor ones only open on December 20th ... bummer because I leave the 19th. :/

started by: PaulW-78447 · last update: 1228223239 · posted: 1227524525

I am new to Paris and was wondering if there are snow sports in the Ile de France? (is there enough snow here in the winter months?)

started by: samy-78691 · last update: 1227108689 · posted: 1226591149

What are some Christmas season events in Paris during the months of November and December for the family?

started by: Saud · last update: 1225988283 · posted: 1225803957

Are there any fall carnivals or festivals where you sip cider and so on... In the US around Halloween there are such things in the rural areas... Maybe here as well somewhere in Ile de France?

started by: saraw-78021 · last update: 1225727951 · posted: 1225369240

Where can you ice skate in Paris? And when?

started by: swatrous87 · last update: 1225361247 · posted: 1223481805

As the days are getting shorter and sunny days are becoming increasingly rare, I tend to be de-energized and increasingly depressed.... I was ready about 'sun theraphy' and how it could be good for those fall/winter blues... Has anyone tried this? If so, where do you go?

started by: area56-78637 · last update: 1225276253 · posted: 1224802060

Hi, I'm visiting Paris this weekend and was wondering if anyone knows anywhere they may be showing the Chelsea V Liverpool match live on Sky tv. Tim

started by: samy-78691 · last update: 1225113232 · posted: 1225111416

Does Paris have a professional basketball team? I used to take my son to games when we lived in New York but I am wondering if there is anything worth seeing here.

started by: PaulW-78447 · last update: 1224971074 · posted: 1224763342

Are there any people (in Paris) who are training for the NYC Marathon coming up some, that would like to meet up before heading there? http://www.nycmarathon.org/home/index.php

started by: MarietheLamb · last update: 1224665712 · posted: 1224518380

Are there places that give deals/discounts to those who go to their hammam or sauna frequently?? Because its quite expense I find...

started by: Saud · last update: 1224147454 · posted: 1223991303

Where can I buy a pair of rollerblades?

started by: RachO · last update: 1223896057 · posted: 1223479664

Are there American Adult Sports Teams in the Paris area (Softball, baseball, basketball, soccer, football, etc.)??

started by: karen-72236 · last update: 1223496037 · posted: 1222671133

Great for 9-12 years - outgrown and needs to be replaced 50€

started by: renonative · last update: 1222169693 · posted: 1222014654

Hello, I just recently moved to Paris to attend school. Back home I tended to get most of my exercise playing basketball. I am wondering if there are any good outdoor parks to go to play basketball. I have found a court near my apartment, but so far the only people playing that i've seen have been playing not very seriously, which is fine, but not the work out I'm looking for. Does anyone play regularly? Also, are there indoor courts anywhere that don't cost much to use? Thanks, Charlie

started by: saraw-78021 · last update: 1221438876 · posted: 1221079862

Where can I find inexpensive salsa classes??

started by: Wiedmer-75507 · last update: 1221004666 · posted: 1217353448

Hello everyone. I'm looking for someone to run with on weekday nights or early mornings, 5-12k. I'm in the 14th. Anyone interested?

started by: RachO · last update: 1220615182 · posted: 1220025803

I spent the summer in Paris studying French. Now that the program is comming to an end I am planing a trip 'around' Europe. Does anyone have tips? Should I fly or take the tain? What are the best cities in Europe? Where can I stay? Thanks for your help!

started by: moocherx · last update: 1220024420 · posted: 1220016729

Hello from a first-timer. I have to work in Chatou (and live there, in a hotel with zero facilities). I'm desperately in need of confirmation that there is a decent, well-equipped gym in the area. I've googled "gym chatou", but the only outcome is the Novotel Hotel. If anyone knows of any good gyms in the area, I'd appreciate some info. It would probably be useful to be near to my office (which will be EDF), but anything walking distance from there is also great. Many thanks =)

started by: K. Cooksley · last update: 1219866343 · posted: 1219852495

Do you know of any venues where older expat teens can meet? Our 16-year old would like to expand her extracurricular activities and meet new people. She prefers English though speaks French too. Soccer? Kickboxing? Basketball? Theatre? Dancing? Cooking? Thx.

started by: terri-77184 · last update: 1219827196 · posted: 1219614597

What is the form here, how will the athletes be welcomed back and where will any celbrations take place?

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