Alan Phelan Echos toujours plus sourds

12th November 2020 2:00pm - 20th December 2020 6:00pm
Centre Culturel Irlandais
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CCI is delighted to present this exhibition by artist Alan Phelan which brings together a selection of his unique Joly Screen photographs and a music video work. Over the past three years, Phelan has worked on reviving a forgotten colour photography process invented in the 1890s by Dublin physicist John Joly; this short-lived process used screens made of red, green and blue lines in conjunction with black and white film. Phelan imagines a visual history this invention never had. To do this, he uses art and historical references spanning over 500 years. The work presents a “counterfactual temporality”, a longer potential history for photography that contextualises it prior to its technical beginnings. Arranged in sequences that mix floral, self-portraits and objects, the photographs’ titles acknowledge their source while creating a new story. Re-narrativisation and the echo of history pervade Phelan’s practice; in this case, familiar tropes are masterfully used to tell a story of invention, failure and love.

Opening night Thursday 12 November from 6.30 pm to 8 pm
Exhibition from Friday 13 November to Sunday 20 December

Tues-Sun: 2pm-6pm

Wed: 2pm-8pm

closed Mondays

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Event Location

Centre Culturel Irlandais
5 rue des Irlandais 75005 Paris

12th November 2020 2:00pm -
20th December 2020 6:00pm