George Bolster - All Life Communicates

14th April 2022 6:30pm - 5th June 2022 8:00pm
Centre Culturel Irlandais
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Event Details

Exhibition opening Thursday 14 April


Admission free

Food and drink on sale by a foodtruck. After party at 8pm.

Mon-Sun: 2.00-6.00pm

Wed: 2.00-8.00pm

Closed on bank holidays

'Ultimately, we actually all belong to only one tribe, to Earthlings.' (Jill Tarter, astronomer)

New York-based multi-disciplinary artist George Bolster combines science, science-fiction and art history to explore the challenges we face as a society and as a species. He grapples with the language, and more specifically the developments in communication between humans and other forms of life. His kinetic mobiles are inspired by discussions with NASA's Keppler mission, the SETI Institute (specialised in alien intelligence), and American astrophysicist Laurance Doyle. Together with an installation developed during his CCI residency in 2019, the artist is showing his new film 'Communication: We Are Not The Only Ones Talking…. All Life Communicates'.

Alongside this exhibition, for two weeks, the CCI presents artist Siobhán McDonald’s film “The week the sun touched the earth” in the Old Library. 

On the evening the exhibition opens, at 5.30pm, George Bolster and Siobhán McDonald are in conversation with scientists researching outer space.

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Event Location

Centre Culturel Irlandais
5 rue des Irlandais 75005 Paris

14th April 2022 6:30pm -
5th June 2022 8:00pm