PARIS FRINGE International Theatre Festival in English

from Jun 28th 2017


PARIS FRINGE International Theatre Festival in English 

15 countries represented

40 dates over 7 days 

8 venues for 70 artists 

1800 spectators 

Next edition 18-28 May 2017

Where:  Le Théâtre Les Feux de la Rampe - 

Something for everyone:  Stand-up, musicals, immersive theatre, improvisation, drama, clowns, open mic, slam poetry, …     as well as meet-ups and networking events to facilitate exchanges between the public and theatre   professionals

Paris Fringe is part of a Global Artistic Movement  

Innovative approaches   

Contemporary themes 

Creative renewal 

The Fringe is a multi-disciplinary arts festival which takes place in traditional theatres, untraditional buildings as well as the street and found spaces. 

Since it began in Edinburgh in the 1940s, the Fringe concept has spread to cities and towns across the globe. Now the PARIS FRINGE is reenergising the capital and providing new opportunities for creative collaborations. PARIS FRINGE gives a chance to small and medium sized companies to show what they can do! 


It’s simple! 

Become a member to support the entire project and keep the festival going. 

Make a donation! Contribute to the success of the festival by donating financially, in-kind (loan us a space) or by providing skilled help to support a specific project. 

Become a sponsor! Support the festival by partnering with us commercially. 


And there are benefits! You’ll be offered special benefits (free tickets, invitations to events, reductions) according to your involvement. You’ll be part of an informal group of businesses, public bodies and institutions.  You’ll benefit from fiscal savings. Companies who donate benefit from a reduction in their taxes equivalent to 60% of the amount given and the fiscal saving can be deducted from taxable income. Individual donors have the right to a reduction of 66% of the amount given. 

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