Take a summer course at The American University of Paris

from Jun 6th 2017 to Jun 27th 2017


We want you to take in everything that Paris and AUP have to offer. In our summer programs, you’ll engage in lively discussions, in-depth language study, and intensive workshops with professors and students from around the world. 

Earn credits towards your degree and explore the ins and outs of Paris through this unique, thought-provoking, international experience.

No matter if you study the history and craft of photography in “Paris Through Photography”, examine contemporary marketing and management concepts in “Marketing in a Global Environment”, explore the international roots of cinema’s gangster genre in “International Gangsters: From Scarface to Gomorrah”, visit a thermonuclear experimental reactor in the South of France, or take a cooking class in Paris, you’ll soon discover that a summer at AUP is not quite like a summer anywhere else. 

Many of the high-school seniors who come to AUP during the summer choose to audit a class which only costs half of the original price. In addition, housing is available through the university exclusively for high-school students. 

So take a few weeks in June or July to develop deep ties with the city of Paris, while earning credits towards your degree and helping you prepare for an exciting, international future. Our course offerings fall under three categories: 

1.      Paris: Language & Culture

Thomas Jefferson once said, “A walk about Paris will provide lessons in history, beauty, and in the point of life.” Our seminars give you hands-on opportunities to explore Paris through a variety of subject areas,

all while gaining French fluency through theme- based seminars and café-based conversations. “Ajoutez deux lettres à Paris: c’est le paradis.”

Here are just a few of your options:

·         Paris Through Photography

·         Cultural Diversity & Globalization

·         Paris Through its Architecture 

2.      Creative Arts

Paris has been indelibly marked by its history of providing inspiration and safe haven for artists from around the world. Even the notoriously moody and migraine-ridden Friedrich Nietzsche had to admit, “An artist has no home in Europe except in Paris.” Our many creative offerings—including through our Creative Writing Institute—will allow you to enhance your skills and acquire in-depth insight into your craft. Take a look at some of your choices:

·         Translation: A Creative Practice

·         The Art of Editing, Lighting, & Film Technique

·         Painting Paris 

3.      Exploring Liberal Arts

Each of our summer courses is meant to help further your exploration of the liberal arts. Whether you’re interested in Psychology and Film or in quickly completing your General Education requirements, our classes will help you develop the skills and modes of inquiry that will allow you to shine in your future endeavours. These are just a few examples:

·         The Museum as Medium

·         Math for Life

·         Rhetoric & Persuasion