Winecdote wine tasting at the Lazarew Art Gallery in Paris on the 30th of March

from Mar 30th 2017 to Mar 30th 2017


About the tasting evening

After the successful first edition, Winecdote will be hosting another wine tasting, or atelier in French, in partnership with Lazarew Art Gallery in the Marais neighbourhood in Paris, on Thursday March 30.

The theme of the atelier will be “Forgotten Grape Varieties”: The wine world counts over 10,000 grape varieties. However, only a few of them are very well-known around the world, such as the usual suspects: Chardonnay and Merlot. So many other grape varieties are restricted to small regions, out of fashion, or simply almost forgotten. The grape variety has a big influence on the wine’s character: exploring rare grape varieties will pleasantly surprise you with different aromas, flavours and styles of wine. 

The evening with start with a private visit of the gallery's current exhibition: A famous French urban artist for nearly 20 years, Shaka (Marchal Mithouard) brilliantly combines influences from the street (letterings, violence, colours) and a more classical studio work (oil painting on canvas, sculpture, bas-relief), into an inimitable style.

You don’t need any prior knowledge of wine in order to attend this wine atelier by Winecdote. We are there to teach you the basics and accompany you on your discovery of grape varieties, wine regions, aromas, and wine-food pairings. The atelier lasts approximately two hours, during which you will explore five different wines with carefully and exquisitely matched finger food. 

To ensure we provide you with the best experience, we have limited seats for this session. To secure your seat, please visit
winecdote-wine-tasting-at-lazarew-art-gallery to book your tickets.

We look forward to seeing you on the 30th of March!

* This particular session will be held in English, so it is the perfect event for visitors or expats living in our beautiful city. Or even for locals wanting to improve their English!

About Winecdote

Winecdote offers a modern approach to wine tastings. We want to teach you about wine, but above all we want to offer you a good time tasting and enjoying our selection of wines. 

We work with a carefully curated selection of wines from small, independent winemakers, who produce interesting wines away from the standard appellations. We look for wines with a distinctive character and with a special story, that we are happy to share with you.

At Winecdote, you never just drink a glass of wine; we prefer to offer a complete sensorial experience. At each tasting we offer finger foods that are tailor made for Winecdote’s wine selection: we love surprising our guests with interesting wine - food pairings. 

Winecdote hosts wine tastings, or ateliers as we call them, in different settings, such as art galleries, lofts and private apartments, and in collaboration with restaurants. We want to surprise you with the choice of our settings, making sure that your Winecdote wine atelier is an unforgettable experience. 

Please check for all our upcoming events. 

Date: Thursday March 30

Time: 7.30pm - 9.30pm

Address:Lazarew art gallery
14 Rue du Perche
75003 Paris

For more information and tickets:

[email protected]
+33 (0)6 98 04 67 17