Conference-demonstration on the cuisine of Gangwon by KIM Sujin, a leading female Korean chef

6th November 2017 From 4:30pm

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This conference-demonstration, jointly organized by the Korean Cultural Centre and Le Cordon Bleu institute, aims to raise awareness of the cuisine of the region of Gangwon, which will welcome athletes and visitors from around the globe during the next PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games (from 9 to 25 February 2018).

As a prelude to this major international sporting event, this will provide an exceptional opportunity for all food lovers to discover a cuisine whose variety reflects the geographical diversity of the region (mountainous, near the sea and with several plains) and its specialities made from potatoes, sweetcorn, sweet potatoes and seafood.

Mrs. Kim Sujin, a renowned female chef, has been named “Ambassador of Gangwon gastronomy” and, during this conference-demonstration, she will present its culinary culture and several emblematic dishes which are both healthy and delicious.

Dishes presented during the demonstration: Deodeok bossam: steamed pork with deodeok roots (codonopsis lanceolata) Gondeure Beoseot Bulgogi : Korean barbecue with beef, mushrooms and vegetables The conference-demonstration will be followed by a tasting.

Important information: Venue: Le Cordon Bleu Paris - 13-15 Quai André Citroën 75015 Paris, France Date and time: Monday November 6, 2017 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm Price: 10€ Conference in French only Online booking is mandatory

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13-15 Quai André Citroën

6th November 2017 From 4:30pm