COVID - 19 restrictions in Paris and the Ile de France

26th March 2020 9:00am - 30th May 2020 11:59pm

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COVID - 19 restrictions. What this means for you in Paris. 

All restaurants, museums and monuments are closed. As are theatres, sports facilities and cinemas.

Schools, libraries and universities are closed.

Public transport is maintained, but service is expected to be diminished during the course of the week. 

Work from home and avoid travel as much as possible.

France is not experiencing any shortages.

Supermarkets, banks, pharmacies and petrol stations remain open.

Only call the emergency services (15) in case of an emergency; in all other instances call the information number on: 0800 130 000 or your GP.

You can download the obligatory forms that you need to fill in and take with you, along with your id, each time you leave your home here

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26th March 2020 9:00am -
30th May 2020 11:59pm