Serve YOUR City Volunteer Week

24th June 2019 9:00am - 29th June 2019 6:00pm

Event Details

June 24 – 29, 2019

Serve Your City Volunteer Week is a week-long series of events of service, learning and social activities aimed to help people in need in Paris, expand our multicultural volunteer base, and show appreciation for our great city. 

We are asking for a small donation to participate in many of our events below during the Volunteer Week.  Each donation will go towards the purchase of more food for our volunteers who prepare and deliver the food to the homeless and refugees in the streets of Paris, 5 days per week.   Your donation will also go towards paying for more instructors and renting space for our T.I.E.O Program which trains refugees how to find work, how to integrate with the French work culture, along with English and French language courses for refugees and those who live in the impoverished neighborhoods of Paris.

Our NGO (non-profit) association has been on the streets of Paris feeding the homeless and helping refugees for more than 5 years.  We have now over 800 multi-cultural volunteers and over 20,000 likes on Facebook. Serve YOUR City Volunteer Week is an opportunity to meet and socialize with our other English speaking expat volunteers and at the same time, support our great city.  Register and join us!

Times and venues vary - check out our website to find out what and where events are happening each day.

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Event Location

Various venues, throughout Paris

24th June 2019 9:00am -
29th June 2019 6:00pm