The Garden Academy Vacation Workshops

1st July 2019 9:30am - 30th August 2019 5:30pm

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The Garden Academy Vacation Workshops, offered during all national school holidays, are the opportunity for children to enjoy full week programs to use vocabulary and phrases that relate to their daily life and centers of interest in a camp atmosphere. For expat children, it is an occasion to maintain their bilingualism and make new friends!

Each vacation workshop is based on a theme and led by educators that are specialised in their subject (art, music, cinema, photography, design, sewing, etc.) and enjoys sharing their talents with the children. It is a chance to maintain bilingualism, and to associate English with fun in an upbeat atmosphere where unforgettable moments are guaranteed. Day Camps are a wonderful opportunity to associate learning with discovery and dreams. 

The vacation workshop includes 4 workshops per day, a cultural outing (for children ages 5+), and a "Show & Tell" for parents at the end of the week. The daily program is as follows :

Vacation Workshops & hours

(Opening 8:30-9:30 per request)

9h30: Workshop #1

10h30: Morning Snack

10h45: Workshop #2

11h45: Park (Pick up for kids enrolled for half days)

12h30: Lunch

13h30: Reading time - Mindful Minutes

14h: Workshop #3 (Quiet time for little ones)

15h: Workshop #4 (Park time for little ones)

16h00: Snack Time! (Workshop #4 for little ones)

17h00: Group Games & Geek out

17h30: Goodbye! 

(Dismissal until 6:30pm per request)

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Event Location

17 rue Théodore Deck

1st July 2019 9:30am -
30th August 2019 5:30pm