Ashtanga Primary Series with Linda Munro & Gerald Disse

27th December 2017 9:00am - 31st December 2017 12:00am

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In the ashtanga primary series we will be moving along, enjoying our practice until we get to a certain pose that just stumps us! One of those poses that we think we will never be able to do, so we skip over it or force ourselves into some resemblance of the pose (usually resulting in eventual injury) or feel eternally stopped at that part of the practice, never to move along.

The focus of these workshops will be how to approach these so called ‘gate-keepers’ with intelligence and equanimity (true virtues of yoga).

Each morning we will beginning with the breath, as this is the greatest gift we have been given and it is too often neglected. Then we will do either Mysore or Guided Practice.

In the afternoons, we’ll inspect certain poses to learn how to use anatomy to understand the universal anatomical alignment needed to do the pose, find ways to ‘work in the direction’ of the pose, and use our innate internal wisdom to approach the pose for long term health and well-being.

Lastly, in the evenings Amanda Marquez will guide you through a calm evening practice of gentle poses, pranayama and chanting (there will be a surprise movie night with discussions as well). 

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40 Avenue de la République

27th December 2017 9:00am -
31st December 2017 12:00am