Burapa Bike Week 2014

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ambitious 1


Does anyone have any info on this years event?

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feral felix 1389722334

As far as I know it takes place 13/14th February, hope that helps.

the top chef 1389797650

I saw a website saying 14/15 feb - maybe worth double checking which dates are correct!

ambitious 1 1390007870

I have managed to find that it is 14/15th, but not much else - any other info welcome. anyone else planning to go?

Noodles-940965 1390785787

Might pop down and have a look, though I don't think my other half would be too pleased about being at a bike festival for valentines day.

feral felix 1391568121

hey, I found this page that you guys will be interested to see : http://www.locklaq.com/2014/01/burapa-pattaya-bike-week-2014.html

I didn't realise that its the 17th anniversary, looks like its going to be a big event!

ambitious 1 1391613443

Thanks Felix!

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