started by: Chase-900269 · last update: 1455919325 · posted: 1381055086

We're trying to find a nice chunk of land somewhere in Perth where my wife can practice driving around and get a good feel for it and gain some confidence without having heaps of traffic to deal with. Can anyone suggest a place where she might be able to drive? 

started by: Paul Chua · last update: 1430833225 · posted: 1430488462

Recommendations for some bike shop? Planning on doing some serious upgrades on my bike.

started by: Eponine-972624 · last update: 1427828122 · posted: 1427191489

Hi there everyone. New here in Perth and I was wondering if anyone has taken a driving test and how is it like? Is it harder than the UK?

started by: pinkrose-972599 · last update: 1424169211 · posted: 1421251453

Can anyone advise where would be the cheapest parking spots in Perth?

started by: drdave2125-972616 · last update: 1420723755 · posted: 1419617311

Help! Washed my new car and now I have all these water stains! How do I get them off?

started by: codeblue · last update: 1418063381 · posted: 1415892624

Can anyone recommend a place in Perth that has a wide range of wheels that I can physically go into and have a look at what they have? Been to a few places but they seem to only deal with a few brand of wheel manufacturers.  

started by: WilliamEvans · last update: 1410440325 · posted: 1410277415

Was thinking of doing some mountain bike riding when little bro comes for a visit (if weather permits). Anybody got recommendations for a good challenging trail?

started by: Scott Lee-972613 · last update: 1409581009 · posted: 1408540306

Just arrived here in Perth and I'd like to rent a vehicle. What would be the requirements needed in renting one?

started by: Dylan Steele · last update: 1409304592 · posted: 1408545909

I'm on the search for a new mechanic for my Mazda 3 that needs urgent attention. Can anyone recommend someone from NOR?

started by: Steve11-928239 · last update: 1408441938 · posted: 1405339743

Anybody got recommendations for cleaning serv ice for car interiors anywhere in Perth? I know googling is a good option but would really like to hear from people who had used/experienced a good service. Thanks!

started by: Valerie-380784 · last update: 1406913936 · posted: 1338043782

Can anyone tell me how far it is from Perth to Pinjarra? Also what are my best options of transport? Many thanks. Valerie

started by: firefly-928231 · last update: 1404231403 · posted: 1403713640

Any recommendations for a campervan hire company in Perth?

started by: Grandpa Grumps · last update: 1396551294 · posted: 1396272001

Is it possible to get an Australian drivers licence if you are not resident in Australia?

started by: Benjamin-900287 · last update: 1392195825 · posted: 1390577186

Can anybody recommend a local car detailer?

started by: goingnuts · last update: 1390922218 · posted: 1390922218

Looking for a reputable second hand car dealer near SOR. Recommendations are very much welcome.

started by: JohnnyW · last update: 1389520482 · posted: 1389267777

I've been trying to call Tech 9 Tyres for several times now and they hadn't answered my calls.  Anyone has an idea?

started by: Tweeny-380847 · last update: 1385372826 · posted: 1385328652

Wanting to hire a Harley for a Day to cruise around, is there somewhere in Perth that does Harley bike hire?

started by: AliciaM-928228 · last update: 1384937961 · posted: 1384857385

Can anyone please suggest the best driving schools in NOR. Hate to admit it but I've failed twice before. Thanks.

started by: 1legand · last update: 1382873613 · posted: 1382710837

Wanting to hire a Harley Davidson and go touring, do I need a permit or will an international drivers licence be ok. Where can I find out?

started by: Reynald-900289 · last update: 1381698818 · posted: 1381319150

I have been planning a iorst trip to Europe early next year and would like to ask if my current driving license is good to drive around France?

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