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I want to send my child to a children's camp, I really want to find a themed camp, for example, "The Land of Oz", "Harry Potter", "Robinson". I heard that there is an educational moment presented as entertainment. For example, in the camp on "Pirates of the Caribbean," the child will be told about the rules of conduct on the high seas, the customs and traditions of pirates, the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. I have a child who loves Harry Potter, maybe someone met a themed camp. 

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Anybody knows where I can I hire a car seat within of near Fremantle?

started by: renae@k-equip.com.au · last update: 1429613104 · posted: 1429613104

We are a charitable service providing special needs bike to kids with disabilities in Perth. If you never imagined your child on a bike, because they need postural support, or can't move their legs, then you need to come and see us! Anyone can ride a bike, regardless of their level of physical disability and the benefits to exercise and well being are huge.  Go to www.k-equip.com.au or call us 9467 2624. 

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Looking for a family photographer, can do both indoor and outdoor. Can work with a group of small kids aged between 4-7. 

started by: MrBean-972593 · last update: 1426001796 · posted: 1424874723

Does anyone know of a swimming class that can teach kids of different ages at the same time?

started by: Raggedy Ann · last update: 1424958593 · posted: 1417184266

I am looking for a dinosaur costume for an almost 4 yr old boy. Does anyone have any suggestions where to get one either here in Perth or online?Thank you in advance.

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Happy New Year Perth and may we all have a prosperous 2015!

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How much are the going rate for baby sitters here in Perth - the more experienced ones, not the teenagers-after-school babysitter.

started by: Caroline Clancy-928230 · last update: 1418909917 · posted: 1417617991

Hi everyone! My friend's son has ADHD and would like to have him checked up regularly and as they had just moved in, they're clueless on who to approach. Can somebody give recommendations for a development pediatrician within Perth? 

started by: MatthewQ-972612 · last update: 1418228791 · posted: 1417105448

My 7 year old nephew and 5 year old niece will be coming over by December and I was thinking of bringing them somewhere; choices are either Rottnest Island or Penguin Island. Never been to both (yeah not my cup of tea) and would appreciate if anybody could help which would be nicer. Can't bring them on both due to some budget constrain. 

started by: Mrs Smith-928227 · last update: 1418131748 · posted: 1415801401

My daughter and I love spending after dinner watching show in the YouTube. We mostly watch "funny animal" videos but I'd like to get some ideas for other things appropriate for a 6  year old that aren't just kids' tv shows.   

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My son is very eager to learn sailing and has been bugging me so much that I am about to give in. Are there schools that offer sailing lessons to 10 year olds?

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Hi to all moms out there. I'd like to ask for recommendations on specific brands of teats/bottles that you use to help minimize wind during feeding?

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So a few moms and I have decided to gather and have a fun day with our kids ranging from 2 to 8 year olds but stumped on where. Has anybody got suggestions on where can we take them?

started by: Nicole Kate-972621 · last update: 1410879750 · posted: 1408626353

I am looking for some information on schools in the Mandurah area, something that caters to kids with special needs. Cna be either private or public.

started by: AliciaM-928228 · last update: 1405430059 · posted: 1405007000

Our daughter has been dropping hints that she wants to take up ballet lessons. She's already doing jazz and tap dancing in her current school but we'll be transferring to a new home within the month.  Can anyone give recommendations for a good ballet school in NOR?

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I'm taking my family to a business trip in Perth. I am trying to look for a family-friendly hotel in the area preferably in the city centre. Thank you.

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Want to take the kids ice skating, is there an ice rink somewhere in Perth?????

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We are looking for some boomerang lessons, I have see a thread on here before but can't seem to find it and not sure whether this is possible or not. Does anyone out there know?

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Hi everyone!, we are very seriously thinking of moving south to Mandurah and would like to know which primary schools you can recomend for that area. We would be considering living anywhere from Mandurah to as far north as Madora Bay. Many thanks.

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