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I am interested in precious metals, can you tell me more about them?

started by: yellowbird-972597 · last update: 1425654016 · posted: 1425654016

Looking for a paralegal researcher. Any recommendations?

started by: queenoflace · last update: 1391784750 · posted: 1391071088

Hi all, hope somebody can answer me this. Can you file a tax number here in Perth if you're still in UK?  A friend will be moving here in Perth and was wondering if she can file it beforehand. Thanks in advance.

started by: ChefAndrew · last update: 1380968395 · posted: 1380968395

A friend is in need of a good accountant immediately -- any recommendations?

started by: Ouma2 · last update: 1380539450 · posted: 1380479004

Where can I find a money exchange place in the northern suburbs? 

started by: Raggedy Andy · last update: 1377171207 · posted: 1377080612

My current work is entailing me to travel a lot for the last quarter of this year up to 1st quarter of next year and I am considering of getting a travel insurance. Any suggestions for reasonably priced travel insurance or perhaps tips on a good resource for doing comparisons? Thanks.

started by: Chase-900269 · last update: 1375718958 · posted: 1375718958

Hello, I am looking for someone to notarize a document for my bank in Florida regarding a short sale of my house there. Thank you.

started by: Sofija-900268 · last update: 1371566852 · posted: 1371458835

Hi all. I am, most unfortunately, finding myself in a position of needing a divorce lawyer.  Any recommendations? Thanks.

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Can anyone recommend an alternative way to transfer money overseas other than banks? Need to transfer money to London and bank rates are just too much.

started by: Edward-900275 · last update: 1369754701 · posted: 1369754701

A friend is looking for a lawyer who can draw a rental contract. The standard contract is too vague for the property. Thanks.

started by: JohnnyW · last update: 1368440512 · posted: 1368191054

I am currently on the lookout for a lawyer to help me with my contract. Can anyone recommend a good one?

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Need help. Which credit cards can you recommend in terms fo cash rebates and dining discounts?  

started by: Callum18 · last update: 1362490597 · posted: 1361462690

Not sure where to start with this, who should I see to set up a new business in Perth and what is the process?

started by: Reisende · last update: 1361463835 · posted: 1360674036

I am having a dispute with my neighbours, it has been going on for some months and now they are starting to get quite aggressive and abusive when I arrive at or leave my property. I have reported it to the police but understandably they can not do much about it as they have more important issues to deal with. Is there anyone else I could speak to who could help me with this situation?

started by: Diceman-882922 · last update: 1359545413 · posted: 1359444662

I need an accountant to help sort out my finances and do my tax mid year. Can anyone recommend one in the Perth area? Thanks.

started by: Frederik-380776 · last update: 1359464488 · posted: 1359394859

I have seen on the TV that the State elections are coming up. Are foreigners aloud to vote? 

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Hi all, I am after some advice. I have been renting a property, a private deal set up through a friend who is now overseas. I have been paying my rent on time and I have looked after the property extremely well. I have fixed things that have broken at no cost to the owner and I have painted the outdoor area, with the owners consent and paid for the paint myself. I have also cleaned up the garden and put in hours of effort to make it nice. I gave 4 weeks notice. The owner is now saying that I am not entitled to receive back my deposit as the house is in poor condition. This is certainly not the case. Unfortunately, as it was set up through a friend I did not sign a contract. Is there anything I can do about this and who can I talk to. 

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I withdrew some cash out of an ATM but it didn't give me any money but the amount is showing on my bank statement as a withdrawal, what can I do about it?

started by: Diceman-882922 · last update: 1354287012 · posted: 1354098852

I am a permanent resident of Australia but as yet do not have citizenship. I am wanting to travel to Europe in the new year but not sure if I need a visa. I have a South African passport. Any help would be much appreciated.

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I am finding my Real Estate Agents who are the property managers for the house I am renting very unprofessional and very difficult to deal with. My contract does not expire for some time but I would like to break the contract and find another place. Can I break the contract and what are the penalties if I do? Unfortunately I can not find this matter anywhere in the rental contract. Is there somewhere I can find out this information? Unhappy tenant 

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