Become an Area Co-ordinator for Open Gardens/Jardins Ouverts


Gardening and raising money for charitable causes has a long and distinguished history in the UK.

Many people are aware of the National Garden Scheme, which encourages people to open their garden to members of the public who pay an entrance fee which is donated to worthy causes. Nothing like it existed in France until 2013 when a small trial with 4 gardens kick-started what has now become Open Gardens, a flourishing project which has over 120 gardens in 26 départements around France. 

Open Gardens aims to be a national organisation within 5 years and based on its enthusiastic reception, that’s a realistic goal. In 2016, we are on track to make donations of around €16,000 to charities in France; the largest will be to A Chacun son Everest, an association which organises residential activity courses for youths between 7 and 25 who are in remission from cancer.

The key to our expansion is using coordinators whose role is to look for local gardens and encourage them to open for our scheme. 
Despite the fact that we already have over 40 coordinators, we need more all over the country to recruit gardens to our cause. Quite simply, the more gardens we have, the more money is raised for charity. The lovely thing about this is that by so doing, you will have the enviable task of meeting some wonderful, generous-natured people and view some beautiful gardens. Once the scheme is established in your department, you will start to create a team of volunteers all working towards the same goal. It may be that you have some English, or better still French, friends, who may be intrigued enough to join you. 

Your area can be as big or as small as you wish: a hamlet, a town or an even larger area. 
You will be given all the help you need; the central organising body provides all the boring bits (administrative support, insurance, leaflets and other advertising material) which leaves you, the co-ordinator, with the enviable and pleasurable task of looking at beautiful gardens.

If you are a good organiser, love gardens and like the idea of supporting charitable causes, we would love to hear from you. It is a particularly exciting time for Open Gardens/Jardins Ouverts and we want you to be a part of it, no matter where you live in France. 

Please contact:  Mick Moat
Tel: 05 55 63 43 12