Apartments & Houses For Rent

Short term rental of furnished apartments in Lille (59) and its region. Apartments ready to live. Available for rent from several days to several months.
Agence Porte Neuve Outreau
Flats, villas and land for sale and rent. 88-90 boulevard de la Liberte, Outreau (62).
BCS Immobilier
Apartments and houses for sale and to rent in Lille. 98 boulevard de la Liberte, Lille (59).
Private Student Residences (Compiegne).
17 entirely refurbished bedrooms lcoated in private building. 50 m from the UTC in Compiegne and close to the town centre. 12 rue de Bouvines, 60200 Compiegne.
Agim Conseil
Flats, homes and land for sale and rent in the Nord region. 149 rue du General de Gaulle, La Madeleine (59).
ABC Immo
Agents for apartments, homes and property for sale and rent. 144 rue Nationale, Lille (59).
LB Immobilier
Houses, apartments and land for sale. Apartments and houses to rent in the area. 6 Place du Marechal Leclerc, Chateau Thierry (02).
ABS Immobilier
Houses, apartments and land in a wide price range. Also property to rent in the area. 252 rue du Blanc Seau, Tourcoing (59).
Agence Avenir Immobilier
Rental and sale of houses, apartments and land. 159 avenue Clemenceau, Douai (59).
Sweet home immobilier
Selection of Apartments and Houses to Buy and to Rent in this Royal part of the Region. 1ter, Rue des Minimes, Compiegne (60)
Alix Immobilier
Agent based in the Bay of the Somme. They have old and new housesand land for sale. They also have a selection of rental properties, seasonal and long term on their books. 21, place Jeanne dArc, Le Crotoy (80).
Bcs immobilier
Apartments to buy or to rent in the Capital of the Region. 40, Rue Gambetta, Lille (59).
BCS Immobilier
Agency for the sale and rental of flats in Central Lille as well as houses and land elsewhere. 213 avenue de Dunkerque, Lille (59).
Agence BECI
Agency which offers residential and commercial properties for sale or rent including apartments, houses, offices and warehouses. 350 avenue du Stade, Dunkerque (59).
Concept Immobilier
Houses, Apartments and land for sale to suit all budgets. Properties to rent in the area. 4 Rue de Marche, Soissons (02).
Goleo Immobilier
Old and new properties, renovation projects and houses and Apartments to rent. 24 Place Max Lejeune, Abbeville (80).
Agence Touquet Locations
Rental agency for seasonal and permanent lets as well as shorter-term holiday rentals. 40 rue de Paris, Le Touquet-Paris-Plage (62).
Concept Immobilier
Houses, Land and Building Land all for sale in the area. Selection of properties to rent. 12 , Rue du Bourg. Laon (02).
Orpi estrees immobilier
Property for Sale and available to Rent, Houses, Apartments and Land in this area of the Region. 31, Avenue de Flandre, Estrees St. Denis (60)
Orpi Verberie
Houses, Apartments and Land for Sale. Property to rent also from this Agent. 27 bis, Rue Saint Pierre, Verberie (60)
Agence des Pins
Agency that covers the area around Quend beach. New houses and renovation projects all available. Retirement complexes for Golfers. Houses and apartments to rent. 24, Avenue Vasseur, Quend plage les pins (80).
Orpi Bouchain
Flats, apartments, houses and land for sale and rent.. 82 rue Henri Bocquet, Bouchain (59).
Agency in the popular resort of Fort Mahon Beach. They offer a selection of apartments and houses to buy, sell or rent in the area. 1392, Avenue de la Plage, Fort Mahon Plage (80).
Orpi Auby
Houses, flats and land for rent and for sale. 40 rue Leon Blum, Auby (59).
BCS Immobilier
Agent for houses and apartments for rent and sale. 61 rue du Brun Pain, Tourcoing (59).
Pacaux - Legrand Immobilier
Houses, apartments and building land in the Medieval town of Arras and surrounding area. Property to rent in the area too. 44, Rue des Trois Visages, Arras (62).
Agence Porte Neuve
Estate agent for the sale and purchase of coastal apartments, houses and land. Properties to rent also available. 41 rue de la Porte Neuve, Boulogne-sur-Mer (62).
Agence Marie
Residential and commercial property rental and sales. Hesdin (62).
Sweet home immobilier
Houses and Apartments for sale and to Rent from this Agent. 44, Rue De Paris, St. Just en Chaussee
Estate Agent operating in and around Le Touquet. Houses and Apartments both new and renovation projects. They also have a range of properties for rental both long and short term. 14, Avenue Saint-Jean, Le Touquet Paris Plage (62).