Bars, Pubs & Night Clubs: Picardy

LEstaminet Saint-Jean
Unusual decor in this bar and brasserie. Regional cuisine served, as well as some rare drinks, such as a medieval claret drink. Local Beers, such as Sans Culotte and fruit juices also on offer. 23 rue St Jean, Laon (02).
Bar Brasserie Le Parvis
At the front of the Cathedral, this is one of the most popular bars and restaurants in the city. They serve a selection of French dishes as well as beers, wine and coffees. 3 place du Parvis, Laon (02).
Au Bureau
Friendly bar in the centre of town. Ideal place for meeting friends for a drink. 8 Place Republique, Soissons (02).
Joe Str
The Owners who are fans of the Clash have dedicated their bar to the Band. Walls are decorated with guitars and the music is punk. 33, rue Fournier-Sarloveze, Compiegne (60).
The After Hours
This Irish pub in the town centre, serves Irish beer, and whiskeys. They have musical evenings and social events. 24-26, rue Pierre Jacoby, Beauvais (60).
After Hours, Compiegne
Irish Pub, sports especially Rugby, Irish beers and live music. 1, Avenue Martyrs de la Liberte, Compiegne (60).
La Part des Anges
Originally a wine-bar, it has developed into a restaurant. Hosts live music, particularly during the local festivals. 1 rue Gui Patin, 60000 Beauvais
After Hours, Beauvais
Bar, Irish style pub. 24 rue Pierre Jacoby, Beauvais
Le Galway pub
Irish themed Pub, restaurant and cafe. They hold regular events music and others. Irish beers on sale. 13, place Aristide Briand, Noyon (60).
In Vino - La cave a boire
Wine bar and wine and spirits stockist. Gifts, accoutrements and related services. Themed evenings and live music. Open Tuesday to Saturday 10:30 - 20:30 (22:30 Friday. & Saturday). 1 place de lancien Hopital, 60200 France
Chez Marco
Bar, Restaurant, Patatarie situated in lively pedestrian area. Private functions. Friday evenings, Happy hour with cold meat/cheese platters (18:00-20:00) Monday to Saturday: 11:00 to 01:00 Sunday: 16:00-00:00 5 rue Saint Martin, 60200 Compiegne
Hotel All Seasons Amiens Cathedrale
In the heart of the City, this 47 bedroom hotel includes breakfast and WiFi in the price. Bar serving snacks in the evenings. Part of All Seasons chain. 17-19 Place au Feurre, Amiens (80).
Bar and bistro in the centre of Chantilly. You can eat a snack., a sandwich or panini or have a full lunch. Plat de jour every day. 14, avenue du Marechal Joffre, Chantilly (60).
My Goodness Irish Pub
Lively Irish pub in Amiens. They serve a good range of Irish Stout and other beers, Murphys Kilkenny and Irish Red. Activities throughout the year, sports and Bands as well as social events. 15 rue Edmond Fontaine, Amiens (80).
Le Bistrot de Flandre
Bar and bistrot with an Art Deco theme. Traditional cuisine including seafood and fish dishes. Local beers available. Open everyday, Monday to Sunday (lunchtime). 12:00-14:00 and 19:00-23:00. 2, rue Amiens, 16 quai de la Republique, 60200 Compiegne.
Mephisto Pub
Bar, nightclub and concert venue. Open Monday to Wednesday 18:00-01:00 and Thursday to Saturday 18:00-03:00. 27 Avenue Faidherbe, 02100 Saint-Quentin.
Bar and restaurant serve a selection of wines and beers along with food from snacks and salads to four course dinners. At 5, rue du Commerce, Soissons (02).
English Pub
18 rue Port dAmont, 80000 Amiens.
Cafe de la Paix
51 Place Jeanne Hachette, 60000 Beauvais
Le Shamrock
Irish pub, serving Irish beer and whiskeys. Live music, rockabilly and celtic. Good place to meet English speakers living in the area. 3 place du 54eme Regiment d’Infanterie, Compiegne (60).
Bar a Manger
Bar and brasserie in the medieval town of Laon. Regular theme nights, music and other entertainment. 39 rue St Jean, Laon (02).
Casino de Cayeux
Casino on the Picardy Coast. Greco-Roman building overlooking the sea and the longest boardwalk in Europe. Slot machines, card games and boules games available. Boulevard du General Sizaire, Cayeux (80).
Brasserie Parisienne
This bar and restaurant takes its decor from the 1900s. Traditional French cuisine as well as snacks and beers and wine. Wheelchair access. Pets welcome. 17 rue Jean Legendre, Compiegne (60).
Le Party Time
Bar-Lounge and restaurant
Bar Brasserie Les Arcades
Bar and brasserie serving burgers, fajitas and steaks as well as beers from Belgium, Australia, America, Mexico and France. 6 rue du Bourg, Laon (02).
Au Bon Coin
Street corner retro-decor bar in the suburbs of Compiegne. Food available. Frequent live music and special events. 57 rue de Clamart, 60200 Compiegne.
La Crypte
Underground bar that hosts pop-rock groups from the region. Themed evenings. Monday to Saturday from 11:00-01:00 17 rue Gui Patin, 60000 Beauvais.