Cinemas: Aisne

Cinema Chateau-Thierry (Cinema Theatre).
Some screenings of original version films are shown at this Cinema. 13, Place Hotel de Ville, 02400 Chateau-Thierry.
Cinema Hirson (Cinema Le Sonhir 3).
Small cinema with ocassional screenings of original language films. 80 rue Charles de Gaulle, 02500 Hirson.
Cinema Guise (Au Vox de Guise).
58 rue Lesur, 02120 Guise
Cinema Bohain-en-Vermandois. (Cinema Louis Jouvet).
6 rue Curie, 02110 Bohain-en-Vermandois.
Cinema Chauny (Cinema Lumiere).
Cinema which ocassionally shows films in their original language. Place Yves-Brinon, 02300 Chauny.
Cinema Saint-Quentin (Cap Cinema Saint Quentin Cinequai 02).
Largest Cinema in St. Quentin shows original language films on regular basis. Quai Gayant, 02100 Saint-Quentin.
Cinema Vervins (Cinema Piccoli-Piccolo).
Place Papillon, 02140 Vervins.
Cinema Soissons (Cinemovida Le Clovis).
Eight-screen cinema, with Dolby surround sound system, showing English language and international films. 12 rue de Belfort, 02200 Soissons.
Cinema La Ferte-Milon (Cinema Jean Racine).
2 rue Racine, 02460 La Ferte-Milon.
Cinema Tergnier (Cinema Casino).
Local Cinema showing some original language films. 7, rue Marceau, 02700 Tergnier.
Cinema Laon (Cinemovida Le Forum).
Located in the centre of Laon. Showing French and some English speaking films.17, Avenue Carnot, 02000 Laon.