Clothes & Shoes: Nord

Popular brand for accessories, jewellery, scarves, and watches. Ear piercing service also available. Niveau 0, Euralille, Lille (59).
Tie Rack
Well known brand, as well as ties and sunglasses the company also supply jewellery, scarves and handbags for women. Niveau 0, Euralille, Lille (59).
Armand Thiery
Well known fashion outlet, selling womens clothes and accessories. Centre Commercial Marine, 24 rue des Fusiliers Marins, Dunkerque (59).
Levis Dockers
Stockists of Levi jeans, including 501s. TShirts, shirts and other items also on sale. LUsine Roubaix, 228 Avenue Alfred Motte, Roubaix (59).
MG Boutique
Stockists of Burberry, Escada, Moschino and other designer makes. Accessories and shoes are also sold here. 29, place Louise de Bettignies, Lille (59).
Fashionable clothes and accessories for women, men and children. Niveau 1, Centre Commercial V2, Villeneuve d’Ascq (59).
The Lille branch of this well known clothes Shop. Level 1, Euralille, Lille (59).
Fashion for women. Unusual materials and fabrics are used in the designs sold at this shop. Centre Commercial Marine,24 rue des Fusiliers Marins, Dunkerque (59).
La Botte Chantilly
Well known shoe shop in the Town. Sells a large choice of boots and shoes from casual to formal wear. 22, rue de la Grande-Chaussee, Lille (59).
Accesories such as scarves and handbags. Cosmetic jewellery, hair accessories and watches . Level 0, Centre Commercial V2, Villeneuve d’Ascq (59).
Le Printemps
Department store selling ladies and mens fashions, shoes and accessories. 39-45, rue Nationale, Lille (59).
Stockists of fashionable clothes and accessories for women. Pemier etage,Euralille, Lille (59).
Go Sport
Sporting goods store for athletic equipment, shoes and clothing. Avenue Le Corbusier, Lille (59).
LUnivers dElsa Gary
Wedding dresses, ceremonial dress, costumes as well as hats, shoes lingerie jewellery. Well known brands, Paule Vasseur, Rainbow Else, Guy Laurent to name a few. 49 rue dAngleterre, Lille (59).
Spanish designer wear for women at affordable prices, also a range of accessories and leathergoods. niveau 0, Euralille, Lille (59).
IKKS - Women
Fashionable clothes for women. Feminine and elegant clothes are their trademark. Niveau 1, Centre Commercial V2, Villeneuve d’Ascq (59).
Go Sport
Large selection of sporting goods, clothing, shoes and equipment. Zone Commerciale Heron Park, Lezennes, Villeneuve DAscq (59).
Fashions for women, urban, street look. Accessories such as jewellery and handbags also sold. Level 0, Euralille, Lille (59).
M & S Mode
Fashions for women as well as accessories, costume jewellery and leather goods. niveau 0, Euralille, Lille (59).
Fashionable and affordable costume jewellery, hair clips, handbags and purses. Piercing service also available. Niveau 1, Centre Commercial V2, Villeneuve d’Ascq (59).
H & M
Fashion outlet for womens and mens clothing. Lingerie, shoes and accessories also on sale here. Centre Commercial Marine 24 rue des Fusiliers Marins, Dunkerque (59).
Shoe shop selling well known brands such as Gontard, Cheaneys, Kenzo, Paul Smith and Saxon amongst others. 12 Place des Patiniers, Lille (59).
Okaidi - Obaibi
Range of fashionable clothing for children ages 0 to 14. Centre Commercial Marine, 24 rue des Fusiliers Marins, Dunkerque (59).
New Look
Fashions and accessories for men and women of all ages, shoes and lingerie also available. Level 1, Euralille, Lille (59).
Go Sport
Sporting equipment and accessories, including footwear, hats, balls and swim accessories. Pole Marine, Marine Avenue Fusiliers, Dunkerque (59).
French branch of this shop where you can buy jewellery, scarves, handbags and other accessories. Level 0, Euralille, Lille (59).
Foot Locker
Famous brand for sports and leisure shoes, football, basketball, running or skating shoes a shoe for almost any sport. Niveau1, Euralille, Lille (59).
H & M
Clothing for women, girls, men and boys, lingerie and shoes, well known brand. Level 0,1 Euralille, Lille (59).
Specialising in casual clothes and nautical styles. Range of clothing for taller women. Centre Commercial Marine, 24 rue des Fusiliers Marins, Dunkerque (59).
New Yorker
Fashions and accessories for the younger generation, from 12 years upwards. Level 0, Euralille, Lille (59).