Dogs, Cats, Pets & Animals

Cote Nature
Garden equipment, plants, flowers and accessories. Pet food, bedding and accessories. 99, route de Bethune, Ste Catherine les Arras (62).
The Epona Trust
UK and France registered charity trust working for the rescue of horses.
Carottes & Batons
Animal behaviour company specialising in behaviour problems and the training of pets including dogs, cats, horses and birds via private consultations and group classes. Also offer educational classes for dogs of all ages including dog walking services.
Cote Nature
Large range of plants, shrubs and flowers. Garden equipment and accessories. Selection of Pet food and accessories. Route Nationale 41, Sailly Labourse (62).
Family dog training. Obedience and behaviour problems. Dog friendly methods. Puppies from 8 weeks old. Private courses in English. Home boarding. Professional dog trainer since 1998. Aisne (02)
Pension - Chiens/Chats
Small and informal kennels for dogs and cats. The animals are all in kennels in the back garden. Inspections welcome. 4 Route de Precy, Gouvieux (60).
Vivara Pour la Protection de la Nature.
Online shop supplying wide range of feeds and materials for wild birds and animals found in the garden; Feeds, birdhouses,feeders, plants to encourage birds, binoculars, books and gifts. Online shop only. Present in several countries. See
Seulement Naturel
Online shop selling natural and organic pet foods including 2Pure, Burns, Arden Grange and Skinners. High-volume discounts and extended payment options
Garden furniture, barbecues, gardening equipment. Range of accessories and foods for animals/ Route de laeroport, Lesquin Nord (59).
LArche de Noe
Dog grooming, advice on wellness, diet and pet products. 1 avenue Aristide-Briand, Bray-sur-Somme (80).
Association dAide a Domicile du Nord
Not-for-profit agency specialising in domestic service. Babysitting service, domestic cleaners and pet care, including dog care and exercise. 18 avenue Gabrielle Groulois, Lambersart.
La Niche
Dog grooming salon for all breeds of dogs. General grooming and dog-show grooming services available. 65 rue des Jacobins, Amiens (80).
Le Dandy Dog
Dog grooming salon, catering to all breeds and styles. 139 Rue St Honore, Amiens (80).
Cote Nature
Large range of plants and seeds. Garden acessories and Pet foods and accessories. ZC South CORA, Cambrai (59).
Cote Nature
Plants, Flowers and Gardening equipment. Food and accessories for pets. 1, rue Theodore Monod, Allonne (60).
Dog grooming salon for all styles and breeds. 160 Rue Laurendeau, Amiens (80).
Ets R Daniel
Boarding kennels for dogs and cats as well as in-home animal sitting service available. Pet food and accessories. RN1, Attainville (60).
Cote Nature
Large range of Plants, shrubs and Trees. Garden equipment and accessories also on sale. Selection of pet accessories and foods. ZA Les Deux Vallees Ter, Abbeville (80).
Toutou House
Grooming salon for dogs and cats. Shampoo and styling of dogs and cats for shows or just for a regular bath. 51 rue de Paris, Le Touquet Paris Plage (62).