DVD, CD, Video & Games

Toys and games for children of all ages and abilities. Niveau 1, Centre Commercial V2, Villeneuve d’Ascq, (59).
Dock Games
Range of Games suitable for most consoles. 62 rue St Aubert, Arras (62).
Hobby Max
Games and consoles as well as traditional toys and games on sale. Accessories for consoles also available. 9 rue Georges Maertens, Lille (59).
Range of games, consoles and accessories. Niveau 0, Centre Commercial V2, Villeneuve d’Ascq (59).
Goods Games
Computers and computer repairs and maintenance. Video games both new and used and games consoles. Figurines, comics and collectors cards. 27 rue Dunkerque, Gravelines (59).
Maxi Toys
Range of toys and games. Some DVDs and games on sale. Dr. Claude Bernard, Arras (62).
Specialist online record store carrying "the sort of music youd find upstairs" in an old-style record store. They focus on Folk, Blues, Country, Americana and World, plus a bit of Classical. Delivery to France.
Wide range of DVDs, Bluerays and video games. They also sell books and curios. Workshops held on a regular basis on various subjects. Centre Auchan Ccial - ZC Noyelles Godault, Henin Beaumont (62).
Large selection of books (in French) DVDs, Blueray discs and video games. Craft supplies including paints, canvases, beads and scrapbooking materials. Centre Ccial Auchan, St Quentin, Fayet (02).
Books (some in English), computer games, DVDs, music and tickets for events. 20 rue Saint-Nicolas Lille (59).
Range of CDs and DVDs as well as selection of video games. 11 rue Fruges, St. Pol en Ternoise (62).
Large selection of books (mostly in French), video games and the latest CDs and DVDs. Arts and crafts including regular workshops (in French). Next to Leroy Merlin, Centre Commercial Heron Parc, Villeneuve DAscq (59).
Auchan Cote dOpale
Hypermarket selling a large selection of goods from DVDs and video games to food, bedding and furniture, car parts, garden sheds, cooking equipment and white goods. Also magazines and newspapers. Route Nationale 42, St. Martin Boulogne (62).