Estate Agents: Nord

Agence BECI
Agency which offers residential and commercial properties for sale or rent including apartments, houses, offices and warehouses. 350 avenue du Stade, Dunkerque (59).
Cabinet Caumartin
Agency specialising in buying and selling bakerys. They advise on turnover, operating a bakery and the actual sale or purchase of the business. 5, Rue de Cambrai, Villiers en Cauchies (59).
This agency is part of a large Swiss organisation, they offer a property finding service as well as more traditional house purchases and sales. A dedicated agent will search for your ideal property in the area. 874 Domaine de la Vigne, Bondues (59).
Bordeyne Marchand
Commercial agents who specialise in the catering trade. They have a selection of business ranging from restaurants to brewerys for sale. 405 Rue Leon Gambetta, Lille (59).
Agim Conseil
Flats, homes and land for sale and rent in the Nord region. 149 rue du General de Gaulle, La Madeleine (59).
Alinea Immobilier
Estate agent for houses, villas, apartments and land. 69 avenue Poincare, Marcq en Baroeul (59).
Orpi Auby
Houses, flats and land for rent and for sale. 40 rue Leon Blum, Auby (59).
Agence Avenir Immobilier
Rental and sale of houses, apartments and land. 159 avenue Clemenceau, Douai (59).
Guy Hoquet lImmobilier
For property purchase, selling or renting. Range of properties both new and older properties and restoration projects. 10 Rue de la Massue, Douai (59).
Estate agents for new build houses and estates. 36 avenue des Potiers, Douai (59).
BCS Immobilier
Agency for the sale and rental of flats in Central Lille as well as houses and land elsewhere. 213 avenue de Dunkerque, Lille (59).
BCS Immobilier
Apartments and houses for sale and to rent in Lille. 98 boulevard de la Liberte, Lille (59).
Cabinet Faber
Commercial agents offering wide selection of businesses for sale in the area. Tabacs, Newsagents businesses for sale. 9, Rue Inkermann, Lille (59).
BCS Immobilier
Agent for houses and apartments for rent and sale. 61 rue du Brun Pain, Tourcoing (59).
ABC Immo
Agents for apartments, homes and property for sale and rent. 144 rue Nationale, Lille (59).
Cabinet GAPI immobilier
Estate agent in Lille specialising in the rental, sales and management of of houses and flats. 289 rue Solferino, Lille (59).
Orpi Bouchain
Flats, apartments, houses and land for sale and rent.. 82 rue Henri Bocquet, Bouchain (59).
Estate agents for selling and renting properties including high-end houses. 32 rue des Pont des Dominicains, Douai (59).
ABS Immobilier
Houses, apartments and land in a wide price range. Also property to rent in the area. 252 rue du Blanc Seau, Tourcoing (59).
Bcs immobilier
Apartments to buy or to rent in the Capital of the Region. 40, Rue Gambetta, Lille (59).