Estate Agents: Oise

Agence Nanteuil Immo
Estate agents for houses, apartments and land. Based in Nanteuil Le Haudouin.
Sweet home immobilier
Houses and Apartments for sale and to Rent from this Agent.
A La Lucarne
Internet-based estate agent, based in south Oise close to Senlis. All types of commercial and residential properties. National coverage. 360° virtual visits of properties available for sellers.
Houses and apartments for sale in the locality.
Chantilly Chasseur
House finders for the Chantilly area. They specialize in English speaking clients.
Agence Plessis Immo
Wide selection of properties from Apartments, Houses to Land from this Agent.
Transimo bethisy
Selection of Houses, Apartments and Land to suit most budgets.
Good selection of Houses, Apartments and Building Land in this Historic town and surrounding area in the region.
Orpi Verberie
Houses, Apartments and Land for Sale. Property to rent also from this Agent.
Sweet home immobilier
Selection of Apartments and Houses to Buy and to Rent in this Royal part of the Region.
Agence Crepy immobilier
Selection of Houses and Apartments as well as Building Land in this part of the Region.
Orpi estrees immobilier
Property for Sale and available to Rent, Houses, Apartments and Land in this area of the Region.