Estate Agents: Somme & Aisne

Estate Agency based in the Somme. Houses, Apartments and land for sale in the area. Advice given as to location and the area in general. 61, rue de la Porte du Pont, Le Crotoy (80).
Grelet Immobilier
Apartments, buildings, houses, car parking, ground and a range of other properties offered.
LB Immobilier
Houses, apartments and land for sale. Apartments and houses to rent in the area.
Agent located in the medieval town. Properties range from renovation and modern to some prestigious large houses. Land and apartments are also available.
Goleo Immobilier
Old and new properties, renovation projects and houses and Apartments to rent. 
Socopal Imobilier
Estate Agents specializing in new houses, from Bungalows to large Villas. They have properties in area 62 and also in Picardy.
Agence Somme Immobilier
Specializes in the sale and rental services of apartments, houses and land.
Concept Immobilier
Houses, Land and Building Land all for sale in the area. Selection of properties to rent.
Cabinet De La Haye Immobilier
Houses, Apartments and Land for sale, good selection to choose from and something to suit most budgets.
Cabinet Immobilier AmiƩnois
Offers purchase and rental services for commercial properties, apartments, buildings and houses among others.
Houses, apartments and land for sale from this agent.
Edouard Denis Transactions
An agency offering a selection of apartments and houses to buy, sell or rent in the north of France.
Amarym Immobilier
Estate agency based in Saint-Valery-sur-Somme, specializes in a variety of properties.
Agency in the popular resort of Fort Mahon Beach. They offer a selection of apartments and houses to buy, sell or rent in the area.
Reseau Capifrance
Houses, Apartments and Land and Building Land, something for every budge. Good local knowledge as well. 19, place du Marche, Mers Les Bains. (80).
Cabinet De La Haye
Selection of Land, Apartments and Houses for sale in this area of the Somme.
Bruno Immo
Real estate agency offers a wide range of properties in Le Crotoy and Baie de Somme.
Offers a wide range of houses, apartments, building land, garages, commercial properties and more sale and rent.
Agence des Pins
Agency that covers the area around Quend beach. New houses and renovation projects all available. Retirement complexes for Golfers. Houses and apartments to rent.
Bernoville Immobilier
Houses, land and apartments for sale.
Cabinet De La Haye
Selection of Houses both Old and New, Building Land and Apartments available from this Agent.