French Insurance: Car, Home, Life

Credit Agricole
English speaking French Bank, Currency exchange, can be managed on-line. Full Banking services available. Caisse Regionale de Credit Agricole Mutuel de Normandie, 15,esplanade, Brillaud de Laujardiere, Caen (40)
MMA Agence Jean-Francois Anneet
Insurance Advisor. For all private and professional customers. Home and car insurance, Life insurance and endowments. Investments, Health Insurance. Retirement savings plans. 11 rue Bellon, 60300 Senlis.
Agence Agf
General insurance for the individiual, car, Household etc. and also Business Insurance. 16 Rue dArras, Saint Omer (62)
Geoffrey Auckland Consulting
Insurance advisor specialising in insuring English speakers living in France. Insurance includes general, healthcare, business and Directors insurances. 65 rue des Marais, Lamorlaye (60).
Agence AGF
Insurance agency AGF based in Lille (59), providing a complete range of insurance products for individuals and companies. Metro stop Lomme Lambersart, 341 avenue de Dunkerque, Lomme (59).
Status Global Insurance
Insurance for expats and world travellers, flexible insurance products to meet needs and budget: travel, travel covering pre-existing medical conditions, private medical, home, golf & EHIC in France top-up cover. Click website link for free quote!
Agence AGF
English speaking AGF Insurance agency. insurance for individuals as well as Companies. Based in Lumbres, Calais (62)
Denis Caillot, Agent General dAssurances
Aviva General business and personal assurance services. 58 avenue Levallois Perret, BP 60215, 60802 Crepy en Valois Cedex.
Eric Vasseur
For all types of Insurance, life, mortgage and loan insurance, health and property and car insurance. 60, Rue de la Paix, Le Touquet Paris Plage (62).