Insect, Pest & Rot Treatment

La Camda
Solutions for all infestations, rodents or insects in your home or out of doors. They can also deal with odours and clogged drains. 19 rue Canal, Oisy (02)
Valmi Hygiene
Exterminators to clear out rodent or insect infestations. 32 rue Clemenceau, Frevent (62).
Graham Day
Registered mole catcher for mole disposal. Gardening services also available. 10 rue dAuxi-le-Chateau, Le Quesnoy-en-Artois (62).
Anchain Trade Services
Treatment for the eradication of rodents, insects and odours. 19 rue Leon Foucault, Arras (62).
Anchain Trade Services
Company that provides treatment for infestions in wood, also vermin and insects. 16 Rue Republique, Onnaing (59).
Valmi Hygiene
Service to eliminate rodent, insect and other unwanted pests. ZI Messager, Templemars (59).