Lawyers, Notaires & Legal Advice

MMD & Associés
Business Law, civil right, family law, minors' law, criminal law, public law, rural law, social right and victim's law.
Becu Notaires
Legal advice and property purchase. Wills, advice on inheritance general legal advice. 
Maître Bruno Dufourcq
English speaking Notaire, advice on buying and selling property and all other legal matters you need for living or moving to the Region. 
Cabinet Stéphanie Lourdel-Iglesias
Based in Amiens, deals in family law, adoption, filiation and adoption, divorce and seperation, minor's law, community liquidation, joint ownership and succession, consumer law and real estate and litigation.
Karine De Bisschop-Lefrevre
Property sales and purchase as well as advice on inheritance, Marriage and Planning law. 
Jean-François Andrysiak & Catherine Champion
Legal advice on most matters, including property sales and purchases, inheritance, planning law and marriages. 
Houria Zanovello
Areas of practice include criminal defence, law of foreigners, social law, civil law, commercial law and family law.
SCP Gallet et Brousse
Notaires who speak German as well as English for property purchase and sales and all other legal advice regarding property, inheritance, public liability etc. 
De Bailliencourt Sandra
Lawyer based in Amiens.
Office Providence
Advice on most legal matters, property purchase and selling, inheritance and marriage. 
Neveux Julien
Advice on employment, commercial litigation, family law, property development and criminal law. 
Patricia Daly-Bertonnier
Advice on most legal matters, purchase and sales of property, Wills, Marriage and planning law. 
Patrice Bediez, Jean-Baptiste Vanco & Jean-Luc Dehaye
Advising on legal matters including Property, Inheritance and marriage.
Maitre Sabine Deleu-Canonn
Advice on conveyancing, employment, commercial litigation, family law, property development and criminal law. Located at 9 Avenue Guynemer, 59140 Dunkerque.
Mes Marie-Hélène, Deheul-Milhem & Alexandre Milot
Property purchase and sales, advice on inheritance, marriage and general legal advice on planning applications and law. 
Lusson & Catillion
Advice on company and commercial, family law, child abduction, property development, commercial and general litigation. 
Maître Pruvost
Property purchases and sales as well as general legal advice on other matters. 
Brigitte Leroy-Dupreuil
Works in areas of family law, administrative law and civil rights.
Avocat Quennehen Tourbier
Offers assistance in areas of public law and civil law.
Legal advice on Inheritance, Wills, Property including planning applications and planning law. German spoken as well as English. 
Maitre Samira Denfer
Advice on employment, family law, commercial litigation, property development and criminal law. 
Anne-Laure Paternotte
Lawyer for family law and criminal law. Based in Compiègne.
Oliver Court & Floriane Crozat-Vasseur
Legal advice on purchasing and selling property, planning law, inheritance and marriage. 15, Place Aristide Briand, Fere en Tardenois (02)
Maître Olivier Beauvais, Maître Cédric Devred
Advice on property purchase, inheritance, planning applications and other areas of legal advice necessary for settling in France. 
Avocat Rangeon
Advice on employment, family law, commercial litigation and criminal law. 
SAS Yves Clement - Laurent Gilquin
Laurent Gilquin is the English speaker in this firm and can offer advice on Property, Inheritance, Marriage and all other legal matters.
Avocats BBDR
Advice on company and commercial issues, residential conveyancing, family law, commercial litigation and criminal law.
Fontaine, Roussel & Associés
Advice on all legal matters a-pertaining to Property, Inheritance planning and public liability. 
Leconte et Perotto
Legal advice on property purchsae and sales, as well as inheritance, and general legal matters.