Magazines, Newspapers & Radio

Auchan Hypermarket
Situated on the outskirts of Dunkerque this is one of the largest Hypermarkets on the Coast. It sells everything from white goods to english language magazines and newspapers. Good selection of wines & Beers. Route Nationale 40, Grande Synthe (59).
Maison de la Presse
English magazines and newspapers on sale here, also a range of stationery and greetings cards. 13 Rue dHerambault ,Montreuil-sur-Mer (62).
Maison de la Presse
Wide range of english magazines and newspapers on sale in this shop. They also have a range of stationery. 20, rue Daniel Lereuil, Hesdin (62).
Maison de la Presse
Paper shop with a selection of English-language magazines and newspapers. Near the centre of town. 58 rue de Paris, Le Touquet Paris Plage (62).
The British Library in Lille
The Library is run by volunteers houses a selection of books, D.V.D.s, childrens books and English newspapers and magazines. Many events are held here and it is the home of the British Community Association in Lille. 3 rue Jean Bart, Lille (59).
Tabac Le Cyrano
Shop that sells English newspapers and magazines as well as tobacco. 86 Boulevard Jacquard, Calais (62)
Auchan Cote dOpale
Hypermarket selling a wide variety of products including food, bedding, furntiure, car parts, garden sheds cooking equipment, white goods, magazines, newspapers and DVDs. 42 route Nationale, St. Martin Boulogne (62).