Museums & Monuments: Pas-de-Calais

Musée de France
Formerly known as the Musée Quentovic the museum displays archaeological remains relating to the history of the town of Etaples and maritime transport in prehistoric Europe. Located at 8 Place du Général de Gaulle, 62630 Étaples.
Musée Henri Dupuis
Natural history museum housing minerals, shells and a collection of taxidermy. Located at 9, rue Henri Dupuis 62500 Saint-Omer.
Chateau dHardelot
This magnificant Chateau was actually built on the ruins of the original medieval castle by an English man. It is now a centre for the Arts, and plays host to a variety of local events. Theatre in the chateau. 1, rue de la Source, Condette (62).
La Maison du Papier
Workshop and museum, housed in an old mill, which details the history of paper. 15 rue Bernard Chochoy, Esquerdes (62).
Musée de la céramique
Scientific and cultural facility dedicated to porcelain and ceramics. Spread over 600 installations, the museum provides an overview of pottery in the Desvres area throughout the last 300 years. Located at Rue Jean Macé 62240 Desvres.
St Vaast Abbey & Cathedral
Founded in the seventh century the construction of the Abbey and the subsequent Cathedral marked the birth of the Medieval town or Arras. The abbey houses the Arras Museum of Fine Arts and library. Located at 2-12 Rue des Teinturiers, Arras.
Canadian National Vimy Memorial
Canadian First World War (WWI) memorial site. Situated On the site of Battle of Vimy Ridge. Memorial, cemeteries battlefield, trenches and guided tours through the tunnels (Call 03 21 50 68 68). Open All year. Route Departementale 55, 62580 Vimy
Maritime Museum Etaples
Museum about the history of the Etaplois fishing trade, including exhibits on methods, clothing and equipment. Closed January. Boulevard de l’Imperatrice, Etaples-sur-mer (62).
Cite internationale de la dentelle et de la mode de Calais
Extending over 2.500 m², in a converted lace factory. The museum has 5 galleries exhibiting the techniques and the history of lace-making. Textile shop and restaurant on site. 135, Quai du Commerce. Calais. (62)
Musée de France Roger Rodiére
Museum with a wide and varied collection of local pieces from Montreuil. Located at Citadelle de Montreuil Rue Carnot 62170 Montreuil-sur-Mer.
La Maison de la Beuriere
Unique and tiny museum in an authentic fishermans house in the old fishermans centre. 16 Rue du Machicoulis, Boulogne-sur Mer (62).
Musée de France
French art and history museum housing archaeological discoveries and paintings. Located at 60 rue de l'Impératrice 62600 Berck-sur-Mer.
Calais Lighthouse
A 51m high lighthouse with 271 steps to the top. Place Henri Barbusse, Calais (62).
Musee des Beaux-arts
Museum of Fine Arts housing paintings from Dutch and French artists dating from the seventeenth century. Located at 22 rue Paul Doumer, 62000, Arras.
Musée d’Histoire et d’Archéologie
Le Musee de la Mine
Museum reconstructing and displaying information about the history of mining, extraction methods and the dangers faced by the workers. Located at Cours Promenade Kennedy, 62700, Bruay-la-Buissiere.
Musée du Mont de Piété
Museum spread over three floors housing pieces from the Benedictine abbey and convents in the town of Bergues. Lcoated at 1 Rue du Mont de Piété, 59380 Bergues.
Le Musée du Touquet-Paris-Plage
Inaugrated in 1932 the museum houses modern and contemporary art as well as photography collections. Located at Villa Way Side Angle de l’avenue du Golf et de l’avenue du Château 62520 Le Touquet-Paris-Plage.
La Coupole
History Centre, Museum and planetarium built in WWII bunker that was to be launching base for V2 rockets against London. A26 near St Omer. Website in english. Open all year 09:00-18:00. Average visit 2h30m. La Coupole, rue Clabaux (D210), 62570 Hellcat
Museum about fishing, the history of fishing in the region and the lives of the local fishermen. Workshops and activities for children are available. Boulevard Bigot Descelers, Etaples sur Mer (62).
Musée des Beaux-Arts
Museum of fine arts designed by architect Paul Pamart and housing pieces from artists including Rodin. Located at 25 rue Richelieu 62100 Calais.
La Carrieere Wellington (The Wellington Quarry).
Underground quarries that were interconnected via tunnels to house 24 000 troops prior for the Battle of Arras. Regular guided tours and film show. Open all year 10:00-12:30 and 13:30-18:00. Rue Aurthur Deletoille, 62000 Arras.
Louvre Lens
The Louvre in the north. Housed in a spacious purpose built complex with easy parking. permanent exhibits and temporary exhibitions. Open every day except Tuesday and 1 May. 10:00-18:00 (Last admission 17:15). Rue Paul Bert, 62300 Lens
Le Musée Boulogne Sur Mer
Established in 1825 the museum is housed with the Boulogne Sur Mer Castle and is home to four separate sections. Visitors can view pieces from Europe, the Americas, Africa, fine arts and local history. Located at 1 Rue de Bernet, 62200 Boulogne-sur-Mer.
Maison de la Faience
Artist studios and ceramics museum about the history and manufacture of Desvres china. Rue Jean Mace, Desvres (62).