Picardy Blogs & Websites

Lille Hotel de Ville
Informative site with English language option. Contains information on education, transport, urban development and guides to living in Lille. Place Roger Salengro, Lille (59).
LHotel de Ville
Web site for the Maries office in Soissons. Information on local schools, activities and links to emergency numbers, transport and other useful sites. Place de lHotel de Ville, Soissons (02).
Royal British Legion
The Somme Branch of the Royal British Legion, an Association for Service,ex-service and civilian men and women who can meet for camaraderie and rememberance. The branch is near the battlefields of the Somme. 2, Rue des Cordeliers, Mailly-Maillet (80).
Parks and Gardens in Picardy
Website with information on the less well known and smaller gardens open to the Public, as well as the larger and more famous. Includes directions on how to get there, opening times and pricing.
American Club of Lille
A club based in Lille for English speakers living in the region. The club celebrates American holidays and holds regular events. On-line support group available to assist newcomers. La Maison des Associations, 72-74 rue Royale, Lille (59).
Lille Metropole Europe
A website designed to assist newcomers to Lille. There are notes on transport and other useful information to help find your way around Lille.
Centre Culturel Britannique
English library and cultural centre in Lille for English speakers and readers of all nationalities. Wide range of English books, DVDs, resources for children. English and French conversation. Ex-pat residents welcome. 3 Rue Jean Bart, 59000 Lille.
Parks and gardens Nord Pas de Calais
Website with information on the parks and gardens in the Pas de Calais and Nord regions. Information on the larger more famous gardens as well as the small relatively unknown ones which are open to the public. Prices and directions on the site.
Hotel de Ville
Town Hall site for local information on education, development, transport and local events. Housed in a beautiful building in Compiegne. Mairie de Compiegne, Place de lHotel de Ville, BP 30009, Compiegne (60).
Hotel de Ville
Town hall site for Amiens. Lots of local information about education, re-location, finances of the region and tourist sites. Links to transport companies and other useful sites. Hotel de ville, BP 2720, Amiens (80).
Franco American Club
This French club aims to improve relations and promote contact between the French and Americans living in the area. They hold events and have a country dance club. 28 rue de la Chapelle, Lambersart (59).
Hotel de ville
Site for the Town hall in Calais. Site has English Language option. Information on the locality, education, transport and events taking place in Calais. Place du Soldat Inconnu, B.P. 329, Calais (62).