Sports Equipment & Sporting Goods

Foot Locker
Famous brand for sports and leisure shoes, football, basketball, running or skating shoes a shoe for almost any sport. Niveau1, Euralille, Lille (59).
La Boutique du Tennis
Stockists of tennis clothes, shoes and racquets. Many accessories such as balls, and other equipment. Range of squash racquets. Rond-point des Sports, Paris Plage, Le Touquet (62).
SGC Concept
Sporting goods and equipment including customised clothing and other marketing products. 11 rue Gontier Patin, Abbeville (80).
Go Sport
Sporting goods store for athletic equipment, shoes and clothing. Avenue Le Corbusier, Lille (59).
Acket Peche
Tackle shop with large range of fishing lines, poles, nets luresand other fishing equipment. 20 rue de Saint Omer, Rexpoede (59).
Au Val de Grouches
A 6000m2 lake stocked mainly with trout. Bar, snack bar, tackle and bait shop. Route de Doullens. Grouches Luchuel (80).
Go Sports
Store with a large range of sporting goods for athletes, including equipment, trainers, eyewear and clothing. BIA Chevreux, rue Jacques Brel, Soissons (02).
Equinoxe Sports
Sporting goods, sports clothes, trophies and accessories as well as "pub" games, such as darts and skittles. 19 Route dHilbert, Etaples sur Mer (62).
Go Sport
Sporting equipment and accessories, including footwear, hats, balls and swim accessories. Pole Marine, Marine Avenue Fusiliers, Dunkerque (59).
Go Sport
Large selection of sporting goods, clothing, shoes and equipment. Zone Commerciale Heron Park, Lezennes, Villeneuve DAscq (59).
Go Sport
Shop with a large selection of sporting goods including clothes, trainers, equipment and accessories. Centre Commercial Auchan, 14 rue Copernic, Arras (62).
Large sports shop selling bikes for adults and children as well as accessories. Large range of equipment, clothes, shoes and rackets, camping gear as well. Chemin des Bourgeois,Centre Commercial Carrefour, Aulnoy Les Valenciennes.(59).
Manufacturers of canvas tents built to a high specification. Classic designs as well as more modern lightweight tents available. Open Monday to Friday, 09:00-18:30. ZI Petite Synthe, 2 rue de LAlbeck, 59640 Dunkerque.