Support Groups

Centre Gai et Lesbienne
Centre for gay and lesbian organisations, they have links to support groups and general information. CGL Paris, 3 rue Keller, BP 255, Paris (75).
SOS Helpline
English-language helpline staffed by volunteers who have had full training by psychologists and or therapists. They provide a service for people feeling lonely, suicidal, anxious or who need to talk to someone about their issues. 15:00-23:00 daily.
Royal British Legion
Branch of the British legion. The charity provides support to those who have served in the Armed forces and their dependents. They hold meetings and events on a regular basis. Contact Jeremy Towler. 10 chemin de la Foret, Boubers sur Canche (62).
travel agent who can book tickets, arrange holidays and weekends away for senior citizens and also run a support Group for senior citizens. BP 305, Lille (59).
MESSAGE Chantilly
Support group for mothers. They organise all year round events and activities, from playgroups and coffee mornings to evenings out. The aim is to introduce English speakers to each other and offer mutual support. Sarah Chapman is the Chantilly leade
St. Peters Church Mens Group
Support group for men who wish to live as Christians through learning together. Activities include breakfast every Saturday morning and outings such as bowling and go karting. Saint Peters Church, Chantilly.
Christ Church Lille
Church with English-language services held on Sundays. Church groups for women, men and children. Rue Lyderic, Watteau, Lille (59).
Alcoholics Anonymous - Boulogne
Bi-lingual meetings held on last Friday of the month. Meeting provide a place and opportunity for people with drinking problems to share and if they wish take part in the recovery programme. 5 place Navarin, Boulogne-Sur-Mer (62).
LGBT Centre Lille
A club for lesbian, gay, bi and transgender members. Facilitates social activities, provides advice on health and fitness and organises the Gay Pride rally in Lille. Support and advice available at the centre. 19 rue de Conde, Lille (59).