Swimming Pool & Spa Supply & Maintenance

This company sells, fits and maintains your swimming pool and Spa. Models and designs can be viewed either on line or at the showroom. 17, avenue de la Gare, Marest Dampcourt (02).
Manufacturers and installers of swimming pools. They can make large pools for professional purposes or smaller scale for domestic purposes. Accessories and covers also supplied. Siege social, 230 Rue de l’Arbrisseau, Lille (59).
AEI Pools
Manufacturer and installer of Swimming Pools and Spas. This company also supplies accessories and safety equipment, as well as shutters and garage doors. 98 Rue de la Republique, Saint Pol / Mer (59).
Eau Fil du Bois
Wooden, environmentally friendly swimming pools. This company also fitswooden decking and terraces. They will assist you in designing and maintaining your swimming pool. 325, Rue de la Mairie, Baisieux (59).
Piscine et Jardin
Specialists in design and manfufacture of swimming pools, they can design, build and maintain the pool for you. They also have a range of jacuzzis, saunas and hot tubs. They can also renovate an old pool. Duisans (62).