Theatre, Music & Concert Venues

Cirque Jules Verne
Venue for circus acts and shows located at Place Longueville, Amiens.
La Boite A Rire
Intimate cafe theatre venue for small performances. Located at 252 rue Leon Gambetta, 59000 Lille.
Douai Hippodrome
Purpose-built venue for circuses and civic gatherings, the building now hosts music, theatre, variety and dance shows. Located at Place du Barlet, 59500 Douai.
Theatre du Nord
Artistic theatre venue hosting dramatic performances, dance shows and music concerts for all ages. Located at 4, place du General de Gaulle, 59026 Lille. Box office open Tuesday to Saturday 12:30-19:00.
Magazine Club
Nightclub and concert venue hosting domestic and international electronic acts. Located at 84 Rue de Trevise, 59100 Lille.
La Luna Maubeuge
Large multi-purpose venue hosting live music, theatre and shows. Located at Avenue Jean Jaur├Ęs 59600 Maubeuge.
Jazz-Club Dunkerque
Regular live performances from national and international jazz acts. Located at Rue des Fusiliers Marins, 59941 Dunkerque.
Centre Culturel Gerard Philipe
Venue for live music and other cultural activities. Located at 450 Rue Auguste Rodin, 62100 Calais.
Opera de Lille
Neo-classical opeara house built before the Great War and now hosting concerts, theatre, cinema projections and childrens events. Located at 2 Rue des Bons Enfants, 59001 Lille.
Auditorium hosting meetings, conventions, seminars, music, expos and shows. Located at Avenue de lHippodrome, 80000 Amiens.
Petit Theatre La Mediatheque
Concert venue, library, media centre and youth space in the centre of Lens. Located at 13d Rue De Bethune, Lens, 62300.
Theatre Monsigny
Theatre which caters for all tastes and ages. Musical concerts, plays and childrens theatre. Place Godefroy de Bouillon, Boulogne-sur-Mer (62).
Forum Gambetta
Cultural centre and municipal venue for live performances and expos. Located at 23 Boulevard Gambetta, 62100 Calais.
Palais des Congres
Concert venue and cultural centre housing the local tourist information office. Located at Place de lHermitage, 62520, Touquet-Paris-Plage.
Espace Culturel Grossemy
Concert and event venue with a capacity of up to 1000. Located at Cours Kennedy, 62700 Bruay La Buissiere.
Le Channel
Venue for music, theatre, dance and exhibitions. Located at 173 boule­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­vard Gam­betta, 62100 Ca­lais.
Royal Varietes, Le Cabaret dArras
Cabaret venue with dinner, dance shows and revues, and musical evenings. 231 rue de Cambrai,62000 Arras.
Espace Culturel Robert Hossein
Cinema, dance, theatre and music venue. Located at 19 rue du Pont de Pierre, Merville.
Grand Theatre de Calais
Theatre hosting music performances and concerts, shows and events. Located at Place Albert 1er, Calais.
Le Mail de Soisson
Performance venue for theatre and arts entertainment including recitals, exhibitions, dance and performances. Located at 7 rue Jean de Dormans.
Le Colisee Theatre
Venue hosting regular theatre performances, concerts, lectures, shows, exhibitions and other cultural events. Located at 12 rue de Paris, Lens.
La Cave aux Poetes
Concert venue catering for up-and-coming international acts and local music. Located at 10, rue du Grand Chemin, 59100 Roubaix.
Casino Barriere Hotel Theatre
Theatre and casino venue hosting dance, theatre and musical performances. Located at 777 Pont de Flandres 59000, Lille.
Le Splendid - Lille
Venue for shows, concerts and productions with a 900 person capacity in a converted cinema. Located at 1, place du Mont-de-Terre 59800 Lille.
Le Phenix
Performing arts theatre hosting regular ballet, drama, circus, dance and music performances. Located at Boulevard Henri Harpignies, 59301 Valenciennes.
Municipal building hosting concerts, shows, fairs, conventions and exhibitions. Located at 3 Avenue Paul Henri Spaak, 60000 Beauvais.
Arras Theatre
The Theatre has recently been restored and now is ready to host a variety of musical concerts and other entertainments. 7 , place du Theatre, Arras (62)
Theatre Jean Vilar
Venue hosting drama, theatre, opera, dance and circus performances. Located at Place de lHotel de Ville 02100 Saint-Quentin.
Theatre du Beauvaisis
Theatre hosting musical performances and shows. Located at Place de Georges Brassens, 60000 Beauvais.
La Briqueterie
Cultural space for music, arts, festivals, theatre, exhibitions and projections. Located at 2 rue Lescouve, Amiens.
Association Live / Bar Live
Music and Arts Association venue. Bar open Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays 18:00-23:00 except August and last fortnight of December. 301 Avenue des Nations Unis, 59100 Roubaix
Theatre Bethune
Multi-purpose theatre hosting shows, performances and concerts. Located at Boulevard Victor Hugo, 62400, Bethune.
Le Grand Sur
Cultural and family performing arts theatre hosting concerts, shows and workshops. Located at 50 rue de l’Europe, Lille.
Le Grand Mix
Large venue for a variety of popular domestic and international musical acts. Located at 5 Place Notre Dame, 59200 Tourcoing.
Le Splendid - Saint Quentin
Venue for performing arts, circus, music and dance. Located at Boulevard Leon Blum, 02100 Saint-Quentin.
Artois Expo
Event, conference, expo and music venue in Arras located equidistant between Paris, Brussels and London. At 50 Avenue Roger Salengro, 62223.
Comedie Solferino
Comedy venue for live shows and performances. Located at 204 rue Solferino 59000 Lille.
La Lune des Pirates
Indie music venue with current national and international acts. located at 5 Passage Belu, 80000 Amiens.
Theatre Bateau Feu
Home of lectures, musicals, circus performances, plays, dance performances and gigs. Located at Place du General-de-Gaulle, 59376 Dunkerque.
Le Biplan
A double venue comprising a theatre and concert venue. Associative and run by volunteers. A full and varied season of events throughout the year. Metro Gambetta. 19 rue Colbert, 59800 (Wazemmes) Lille.
Centre Andre Malraux
Also known as lEspace Flandre. Hosts concerts, exhibitions and local events. Located at 4 Rue du Milieu, 59190, Hazebrouck.
Gayant Expo
Exhibition centre hosting expos, theatre performances, sporting events and concerts. Located at Route de Tournai, Douai.
Maladrerie Saint Lazare
Historic venue in a semi-rural setting hosting concerts, events, expos, receptions and shows. Located at 203 rue de Paris, 60000, Beauvais
Cabaret Katy Folies
Cabaret club hosting regular live shows, performances and gala dinners. Located at 9 Rue Henri Darras, 62300 Lens.
Theatre dAbbeville
Theatre in Abbeville hosting concerts, plays and other performances. Theatre gift shop sells, posters and other theatre related merchandise. Boulevard Vauban, Abbeville (80).
Dunkerque Kursaal
Music venue, exhibition centre and home to all types of events. Located at 7 bis Place du Casino BP 80087 - 59942 Dunkerque Cedex 2.
Le Pharos
Performance venue with a 430 seat capacity, auditorium and outdoor amphitheater. Located at 4 Rue Charles Peguy, 62000 Arras.
National Choreographic Centre (Centre Choregraphique Nationa...
33 rue de lEpeule
Centre Culturel Grossemy
Cultural centre hosting a variety of events, concerts and exhibitions. Located at Cours Promenade Kennedy, 62700, Bruay-la-Buissiere.
Stade Pierre Mauroy
Multi-functional stadium hosting sports and live music events. Located at 261 boulevard de Tournai, 59650 Villeneuve dAscq.
Zenith Arena Lille
Some of the big names in Rock perform here. Classical concerts and Musicals. 1, Bld. des Cities Unis, Lille-Euralile (59)
Theatre Sebastopol
Theatre venue hosting dramas, dance performances, music, variety and educational programming. Located at Place Sebastopol, 59000 Lille.
Amiens Metropole Zenith
Large Rock Concerts, Ice Shows, Musicals this Theatre caters for all ages and tastes. Avenue de lHippodrome, Amiens (80)
Espace culturel Saint Andre
Venue for concerts, events and festivals. Located at Rue du Moulin Quignon, 80100 Abbeville.
Le Colisee de Roubaix
Performing arts theatre hosting regular plays, dance shows and music performances. Located at 31 rue de lEpeule, 59051 Roubaix.
Le Vivat
Home to performing arts, live music, shows and more. Located at 4 Place Saint-Vaast, 59280 Armentieres.
Espace Jean Legrande
Multi-purpose venue for concerts, exhibitions and shows. Located at Place Briet Daubigny, 60200 Compiegne.
Le Safran
Arts and cultural centre hosting spectacles, shows, concerts and exhibitions. Located at 3 Rue Georges Guynemer, 80080 Amiens.
Les 4Ecluses
Modern music, arts and exhibition space. Located at Rue de la Cunette, 59140 Dunkerque.
Theatre dAmiens
Exhibition hall, theatre, cinema and music venue located at 2 Place Leon Gontier, Amiens 80000.
La Peniche
Intimate concert and gig venue on a converted barge. Located at Avenue Cuvier (opposite Champ de Mars) 59000 Lille.
Louvre Boite
Part of the ASCA cultural association hosting concerts, projections, multimedia installations and exhibitions. At 8, Avenue de Bourgogne, 60000.
Theatre Municipal De Bethune
Venue with a 921 capacity hosting dance shows, musical performances and cultural events. Located at Boulevard Victor Hugo, 62400, Bethune.
Faiencerie Theatre
Venue hosting plays, musical, dance shows and circus performances. Located at Allee Nelson, 50012. Creil.
Venue with two spaces hosting local and international live music acts. Located at 168 Avenue Willy Brandt, Euralille, Lille, 59777.
Le Nouveau Siecle
Home to the Lille Orchestra and hosts a variety of concerts, meetings and performances. Located at 17 Place Pierre Mendes France, 59800 Lille.
Zenith Amiens Metropole
Concert and show venue Located at Avenue de lHippodrome, 80000 Amiens.
Casino dArras
Reopened in late 2015, the Casino host cultural activities such as concerts, ballet, opera and shows. Located at 3, rue Emile Legrelle.