Wood Burning Stoves & Ranges

SA. Morieux et Fils
Specialising in renewable energy and fuels. Wood pellets, logs, coal and all other fuels. Chimney sweeping and boiler servicing. Cater for individuals and commercial premises. 5 Rue de la Republique, Lapugnoy (62).
Sarl Lebrun Fils
Suppliers of fuel, wood logs, wood pellets, Gas, coal and other types of fuel. Will deliver. 2 bis rue Des Resistants, Marles les Mines (62).
IJC DecoJardin
Large range of gates, fences and some wood burning stoves. 207 Avenue Georges Clemeanceau, Ferriere la Grand (59).
Cheminees Philippe
Stockists of Godin Stoves and fireplaces. They also have a range of bathroom and kitchens. 131, Rue Fernand Lobbedez, Arras (62).
Cheminees Godin
Stockists of a wide range of wood burning and gas stoves and boilers. Installation and maintenance. Zone du Rond-Point, Noyelles-Godault (62).
Darras Chauffage Sanitaire
Selection of wood burning stoves and fireplaces. Also range of alternative energy systems. 72/74 Avenue de la Victoire, Cambrai (59).
Etablissement Doret
Wood for wood burning stoves for sale. Delivered to your door. Various sizes available. 59b rue de Haussy, Saint Python (59).
Arco Iris
Wood burning Stoves, logs and pelletts as well as energy saving forms of heating. Range of security devices and cameras. 928 route de Paris, Breuil (60).
Cheminees Philippe
Wide range of fires, stoves and accessories. Also kitchen and bathroom furniture, fixtures and fittings available. Fitting service available. 21, Rue de la Paroisse. Hesdin (62).
HFL Services
Logs, Pellets and other fuels for Wood Burning stoves available. Delivered to your door. rue de lorraine, Hirson (02).
Chiminees Philippe
Stockists of wood burning stoves and modern fires and fireplaces.ZIA - Avenue Kennedy, Bethune (62).
Flandre Energies
Wood-burning stoves including wood pellet systems, heating systems and boilers as well as wood burning ranges. ZA du Val de Nievre, Flixecourt (80).
Leroy Merlin
Wood burning stoves as well as a large range of DIY products and building materials. Rue Leon-Foucault, Arras (62).
Large range of woodburning stoves and accessories. Also gardening equipment, plants, seeds and flowers. 14 Avenue Foch, Senlis (60).