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Hi, I have just moved to Calais and my car has started to make some strange engine noises and has a warning light on. Can anyone recommend an English speaking mechanic in Calais? (My French is not quite up to speaking about the car issues yet!) thanks 

started by: barryandpat-550891 · last update: 1483203243 · posted: 1483203243

Hi, someone in Longueau has a part we need but will not send, so we are looking for someone to collect and send to us in 17470 la villedieu Charente-Maritime please.Can pay within resonable limits, thank you Barry and Pat. mainlyfiat@hotmail.com 

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Hello, i have a disabled Saab (in Hesdin) that can only be repaired by a Saab garage!  Nearest is in Canterbury.  Does anyone have/hire out a transporter, or trailer, or ideas how to do.    Thanks for any ideas, Andrew  

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Is there a company that can remove some unsightly chips from my Renault Megane?

started by: Terry the terrible · last update: 1447797884 · posted: 1445853425

Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me. We are trying to estiamate the cost of getting from Calais to Amiens and would like to factor in any road charges (tolls) so that we can avoid them (or at least make a decision as to whether it would be cost effective to avoid them). Thanks for the information.

started by: Guingamp-10058240 · last update: 1447446607 · posted: 1447066958

Hello I am in need of a mechanic for my VW T5 Auto.  I don't want to have to take it to a VW dealers unless I have to.  Or are thier any mechanics here that could swap the auto gearbox for me.  Thanks in Advance.    

started by: Impi-513005 · last update: 1444151431 · posted: 1444151431

Hello - a friend broke down on the way from Calais in Abbeville and needs to get the car down to Limoges, anyone local know of a company/person who could help with this? Many Thanks

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Fellow Anglo's   Does anyone have have any knowledge about registering a UK vehicle in France, and getting insurance from a french insurer ?   I will be moving to Dept 02

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I've noticed that the lighting is going off around France, first on the autoroutes, and more and more on other roads too. I read somewhere that this was being touted as a safety measure to get people to drive more cautiously (fat-chance of that). What do other drivers think of the scheme and has anybody read of whether it works or not?

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Emergency Friday night......family stranded in Montreuil/Boulogne area due to rear brake pad/disc problems on Land Rover Discovery 4.   Help with local mechanic/garage details needed, please, for onward journey to Basse Normandie and family gathering.  Many thanks.

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Can anyone help with where to buy a french motorhome not too far from Calais? We are moving to France and plan go house hunting next month and intend to buy a french left hand drive motorhome so that we can tour around looking for a place to live.  Looking for for a large dealer who has a good stock to choose from on the site if possible? We have a good idea of the sort we want but have only looked at them in the uk. appreciate any info or guidance....?

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Does anyone know why all the street lights are going out on the autoroutes and now in the towns too? 

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Hello   I thought this might be the best regional site to ask about this.  I would like to buy a car (new or recent used, and am looking at the possibility of buying one in Belgium, where prices seem to be much lower.  I know that in the past people used to do it all the time, but has anyone done this recently?  How easy was it to buy a car as a non resident of Belgium?  I've imported a car in the past and know about the French side of it, - it's the 'buying it in Belgium' bit I'm interested in.   If it's possible and not too complicated, can anyone recommend me a reputable dealer on the other side of the border?  Maybe there are dealers who specialise in this?   Thank you in advance to anyone who can help.

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If you’re travelling to Paris or Ile de France today (Monday 17 March), you might not be aware that pollution restrictions have come into force as of 05:30 this morning. This means that if you have an even-numbered registration plate, you can only travel in on even-numbered days and if you have an odd-numbered one, you can only travel in on odd-numbered days! This includes two-wheelers. And the exceptions (there are awlays the exceptions). Exempt: Cars with three people or more aboard (time to dig out the giant teddies). Electric and hybrid vehicles, LPG or natural gas-fuelled vehicles. Two wheelers that are not registered with plates. Emergency vehicles. Taxis. Heavy Goods are banned (except…. Emergency services and refrigerated transports). They have to go around the Francilienne or the A86 (which is also exempt). This plan will be confirmed this morning in respect of tomorrow morning depending on how the weather/pollution develops. We'll keep you posted.  

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We alsways use the ferry to get back to england byut i'm thinking of using the channel tunnel for a change. Do you enjoy it and is it mushc more convenient than the ferries? I get a bit claustrophobic and so this is why ive not done it before but we want to take the dog back with us and it would be much easier to keep him calm i think rhater than leaving him alon in the hold.

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Noticed whilst travelling back to the UK the other night, that they offer free WiFi in the terminal on the Calais side. A good ploy to get you into the building, but since this almost obligatory now beacuase they rarely let you drive directly to the embarquation area, it's some solace during the wait!    

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Can anyone recommend somewhere to buy tyres from? Also do people swap onto winter tyres here and would you recommend it?

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Why are second hand cars so expensive here? Is there an underlying economic factor?

started by: Claydon · last update: 1374238167 · posted: 1373995408

I have seen an LDV van for sale in the UK and want to bring it here. I realise I have to register it on to French plates but how easy is this? I forsee potential problems as LDV no longer exist.

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Where can I get those sun visors for the back seats of cars? I refer to the type that you can have a picture of your child's face printed on?

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