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Where can I watch films online?

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El Enormi Grande 1384867065

I imagine that you're after films in English rather than in French. Netflix is an option (though don't bother with the UK version - most of the films / series have been on TV!).

JustineD-903632 1384948340

Useful link - thanks very much. Does this work for everything like the iPlayer and other sites?

Prifercer 1385037708

Yes. The VPN makes all internet traffic through your computer think that you are situated in the country of your choice. So BBC, ITV, Channel 4 etc should all work as if you were in the UK.

Claydon 1385763304

XBMC is the way forward. It's VERY fiddly though.

JustineD-903632 1386159990

We don't have an Xbox unfortunately.

Claydon 1386344153

You don't exclusively need an Xbox - you can install it on your computer.

It's then one of the third party apps within it allows you to pretty much stream any film you like (even current ones).

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