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If I bought an Amazon Firestick from, will it work here?

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El Enormi Grande 1451514176

Sorry, but the Amazon features of it won't work unless you use a VPN. The Android side of it will work though.

A common mispelled word 1451575805

If you install XBMC (now called Kodi for some reason) on it you can install add-ons that will allow you to watch most things. Films and live sports included,

flatmaybe 1452268810

Hello Smails

Before your purchase the Firestick, sort out a VPN or download and install XBMC, check the download speed of your internet connection. If the speed is borderline you could fine at peak times when all your neighbours log on the picture will buffer.

Smalls-903629 1452505952

Thanks very much for the information.

How do I sort out a VPN? Any shortcuts?

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