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Is Netflix available in France?


Trev1-966477 1453299744

I believe so yes. Also check out Smartflix! :-)

Prifercer 1453419862

What's that??

Trev1-966477 1453462553

Unlocks all the Netflix catalogue regardless of location.

Prifercer 1453463191

Okay, thanks. Sounds good. Looks like it's free too!!? :-)

Trev1-966477 1453464204

It is at the moment. However, they'll charge a one off fee if it ever leaves beta (and doesn't get shut down by the powers that be first).

flatmaybe 1453472724


The article contained in this link below was on the BBC wesbite the other day.


Mrs Optimistic 1453708893

What a shame that is. Personally can't see what Netflix would have to gain at all by doing that. Obviously Netflix is having its arm twisted by the faceless grey-suited money types to do something about people getting around the location lock. Also, surely, Europe must have a freedom of media rights and a unified system. Austria having more content than France for instance, is flying in the face of what the European project is all about.

JustineD-903632 1453814075

I've genuinely not found anything worth wathching on Netflix.

Prifercer 1453906002

Thought I'd use it to watch Game of Thrones and a few other series that I don't want to pay mega-bucks for.

Kevvy 1454420500

Use a smart DNS service. I don't think netflix will be able to block that.

Also, I'm not sure you'll get Game of Thrones on Netflix anyway.

JustineD-903632 1454588912

I certainly didn't see anyhting that popular on Netlix during my month's free trial. It was all stuff I'd seeen before or not watched because I chose not to years ago.

Prifercer 1455230767

It's very strange. I could have sworn the first series or so was available on Netflix.


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