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Having never been one for US series, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed 'In Treatment'. What other US series do people recommend?

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Mrs Optimistic 1373648945

I don't know what you like, but my husband and I quite liked Breaking Bad.


Prifercer 1374062491

Game Of Thrones seems to be quite popular at the moment. I've never seen it but a lot of people say it's good.

Claydon 1374156370

I enjoyed Dexter. It was a bit gory in places but the idea was a good one. It was about a guy that worked in forensics by day who used his expertise to avoide capture as he systematically killed the bad guys in Miami. 

JustineD-903632 1374582478

Husband watches Spartacus Blood and Sand and the other Spartacus things. Not sure if it's for the blood, nudity or the storyline though...!!??

Mrs Optimistic 1374703290

And you let him get away with that!? I'd watch it with him and tut disapprovingly just to make him squirm. The Kevin Spacey House of Cards series on Netflix was good too.

Claydon 1374833759

There's also a series called 'Arrow' which is about a vigilante.

A common mispelled word 1375717110

Thanks to all for the recommendations. Does anyone know of any good Australian or New Zealand series? We get bombarded with US ones but don't see many from down under on our screens.

Claydon 1375831226

'Satisfaction' was an Australian one. Was a bit 'naughty' if you know what I mean ;-)

Prifercer 1375986378

'Packed to the Rafters' is another Australian series.


A common mispelled word 1376492590

Back on American shows, my son informs me that Game of Thrones is popular at the moment, although I know not why. Anyone seen that?

Prifercer 1376577489

Yeah, I mentioned that earlier in the thread. I've actually since watched an episode or two and confirm it's popularity is probably down to the nudity and violence. It's also set in a fictional continent similar to Lord Of The Rings.

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